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Warranty & Return Policies:

Lee's Mags is not a warranty repair facility for any manufacture. If you have a warranty issue, you must contact the manufacture directly.

All Sales are final. All Items sold at Lee's Mags are sold in as is condition, no refunds, returns, or exchange.  
There are a few exceptions.
As a general policy, I do not accept returns. However, If I make an exception and  do decide to accept a return, there is a 30% fee for that, plus you don't get refunded shipping.
Most surplus parts are dirty and greasy and I can't see every defect under dirt and grease. I count thousands of parts every day, have bad eyes, and good glasses, but shit happens.

I don't guaranty the condition of every part,  part sizes, and dimension vary even on same make and model. Most surplus doesn't have generation1, generation 2, etc to identify what generation the part is and what generation of model it fits. With AK's I havent' seen that except NEW US made ones and I see 2, 3 generations in a s many years, and imported AK variants has over a 50 year spread, so do the math. All I see is 2,3,4 different variations of many parts from same make and model. Welcome to the AK platform and surplus parts. lol

If a used item you received from me has a defect that I didn’t see, or didn't describe in the description, or if I sent wrong item,  you can return it  at your expense, within 5 days of receiving delivery. Email me at [email protected] Unless its New, then you need to contact manufacture directly.  I wont reimburse you for return shipping. Just email me and explain the situation. I will not be sending a replacement because shipping costs more than the part in most cases.
If for some reason I do decide to accept a return, the customer is responsible for shipping item back to me. I will not pay or reimburse to ship any items back to me. Before shipping anything back to me, you have to get my authorization. Email me at [email protected]

Once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled, so make sure what you order is exactly what you want.
You must inspect your order right away. IF I made a  mistake on your order, you need to notify me via email within 5 days.

POLICY for mistakes on an order. If Lee's Mags makes a mistake on your order, and sends you the wrong part, wrong color, or forgets to send the part, I offer a few options as to how its handled.
 Lee's Mags gets to make final  decision as to which option will be used. If that situation arises, email me at [email protected] explain the issue,and I will do what I can within reason to resolve the issue. Oh, I respond better when customer emails are respectful. Much of the time, shipping costs more than the part, so sending parts back and sending replacements, simply isn't worth it. I don't guaranty condition of the parts I sell. I do describe them the best I can, and some parts are graded and sorted by my suppliers or myself, it just depends. The more inspecting, grading and sorting, the higher the cost. Nothing can be done about that.

When purchasing a firearm:
Please inspect all firearms thoroughly when picking them up from the dealer before proceeding with the transfer. I do not accept returns after the firearm has been transferred. A firearm transfer cannot be un-done. Once a firearm is transferred to you, there is a permanent record of it. It cannot be un-done. You can transfer it to someone else via private sale, or through a dealer, however firearm transfers cannot be un-done. If a firearm is stolen and reported. The ATF traces that firearm from the manufacture/ and or importer, to the distributor, FFL dealer,and everyone who ever owned it. So, when you sell or return a firearm, if that firearm is stolen or involved in a crime, the ATF will be likely contacting you, and asking you who you sold it to, when you sold it, etc.. So please keep track of all your firearm transactions. You can create your own personal firearms records, or you can obtain one free of charge from the ATF. Form P3312.8.. A stolen firearm threatens everyone. Even if some gunshops accept return for firearms, there is still a record of you owning it, so my point is, if that gun is used in a crime, the ATF systematically starts with manufacture and traces the gun via who it was transferred to. So even if you have a gun for 5 minutes and return it to the gunshop, there is a record of you owning it. Lots of people don't think about that when they want to return a firearm. I mention this, to explain how important it is inspect a firearm, when you take possession. Make sure its the correct caliber, etc, etc. When you sign the friggen 4473 form, you accept all responsibility for that firearm. You can't blame someone else for you taking possession of the wrong friggen gun! even if the wrong gun was sent to you. By signing a 4473 and taking possession of a firearm on the Federal form, means you accept the transfer of that firearm period, and there is a permanent record of it, even if you take it back in 4 seconds and return it.

Used products. All used products are sold as is, no refunds and returns. I only sell items I think are in good condition unless otherwise specified ,and I identify them the best I can.   I can't always identify all used items 100%, accurately. Occasionally I misidentify items by mistake and so do my suppliers. 

All surplus and or used firearms and parts must be inspected and tested by a Qualified gunsmith or armorer prior to use.

Satisfied and repeat customers are important to me! That is why I take considerable time to describe my items the best I can.

  If an item has a defect that I didn’t see,  you can return it  at your expense. I wont reimburse you for return shipping. Just email me and explain the situation. I won't accept a return on any part if it has been modified in anyway.

Buying used gun parts  online isn’t for everyone.  It has its risks. Its for people who know what they want and need, can read descriptions thoroughly, look at pictures, and make a good decision as to whether they want to buy the part or not.  Its also for people who are competent gunsmiths, or who will have one inspect the parts and perform the work needed.

Not all firearm parts are interchangeable. Use of surplus parts without proper knowledge, and/or installation, could cause a firearm to malfunction and cause property damage, injury or death.

Before any firearm is test fired, it needs to be checked for proper headspace by a competent gunsmith.

922R rules apply. All surplus parts are sold as is, no refunds or returns. All parts are intended for legal use in semi automatic firearms

All parts are sold with the intent to be used as replacement parts for legal semi automatic firearms, or for legal use  for legally obtained NFA firearms when applicable.

None of my parts are sold with intent to convert  a semiautomatic into a full automatic firearm!

Its the customers responsibility to make sure all parts installed onto your firearms are installed properly for legal semiautomatic use, or legally under the NFA act and all applicable laws.

Most surplus firearm parts are taken from fully automatic weapons that have been legally demilled, and may  need modification by a  qualified gunsmith for proper legal semi-automatic function! Its the customers responsibility to make sure any part installed on your firearm, is done legally, and by a qualified gunsmith.

Lee’s Mags assumes no liability and extends no warranty for the safe function of replacement parts.

By placing an order at Lee’s Mags, that means you agree to this policy and all other policies at Lee’s Mags.

If you have any questions about my shipping policies, warranty policies, return policies, charges, fees, etc, please contact me before placing an order!

By placing an order with Lee's mags, you agree to my policies and procedures.

By placing an order with Lee's Mags, You agree that your purchase is Legal, that you are not restricted from owning, or purchasing that product, and that product is not restricted where you live!

The best way to contact me is through email. [email protected] or [email protected]

Ammunition: All warranty issues regarding ammunition have to be handled directly with the manufacture! Absolutely No- returns on ammunition. Ammunition needs to be kept with original packaging, or atleast the label, so you can identify the ammunition and lot number. IF you throw away, the packaging and warranty labels, it voids your warranty, because manufacture cant identify the lot number! Manufactures need the labels to identify the lot number and verify its their ammo, and not someone elses!