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If you buy something from this website, that means you accept all the risks and responsibilities involved. I dont offer any guarantees. I try and describe everything I sell the best I can. GODSPEED
Warranty & Return Policies: Minimum order amount of $20, due to my physical limitations, as well as other reasons. 

All sales are final. No refunds, returns, or exchanges. Orders cannot be changed by customer after they are placed, or cancelled by the customer.
Lee's Mags is not responsible for items damaged during shipping! Items shipped USPS priority mail include $100 insurance, and customers can file claims if items damaged during shipping  to USPS themselves. Filing a claim is 100% the customers responsibility, Lee's Mags does not get involved with insurance claims in any way.  I try and pack items so they don't get damaged during shipping, but sometimes items get damaged. If you don't accept the risk of that happening and/ or don't agree to file insurance claim yourself if applicable, do not make a purchase at Lee's Mags LLC. Thank you.

Mistakes on orders. If you want to buy anything from me then you must agree to accept all of my policies.  If I make a mistake on an order, forget an item , send wrong item by mistake, describe item wrong, or, has a defect of some kind. I am sorry for my mistake, and my policy is that I don't send replacement if its defective or damaged, ect, or the correct part if I send the wrong part by mistake etc,etc. I won't send the correct part. I don't pay for return shipping.  I will refund your card for missing items. Email me  precisely what items and how many  and I will refund you for them. [email protected]  I do not send the correct part to you! I do that to keep costs down. If you don't like that policy, I am sorry, you will have to shop somewhere else. If I send you the wrong part, or if its defective or damaged, etc,etc, You will have to return  the wrong item, defective item, etc, back to me at your expense, and I will issue you a refund minus shipping. Please send it to Lee's Mags LLC PO Box 27 NewUnderwood SD 57761. If you cant mail it then ship it to Lee's Mags LLC 418 South C. Ave NewUnderwood, SD 57761.  I do not gurantee condition of any part, or that any part is even usable for any specific purpose. If you don't accept that,or any of my polcies you can't shop here.  [email protected]

Mistakes on orders: If I send you the wrong part by mistake, if its described wrong, defective, or whatever, you can return it for a refund at your expense within 5 business days of receiving the wrong item. I won't be shipping you the correct item you ordered. If you don't accept that policy you can't buy from me. My email address is [email protected] Make sure you put the order number and brief description of issue with no drama in subject line of every email you send me with any and all issues you have with orders.  Be precise what the mistake is, what is missing, or defective and the part number without any drama of how you feel. Then in the email just tell me precisely what the problem is with the order number, part number of issue,(without the drama) how many items affected, and I will refund you for missing items if that's what happened, and/or if the item is the wrong item, or defective, then send it back to me at your expense for a refund. It's very simple, please, please dont tell me how you feel about it!!! 
If you can't mail it, you can use another carrier like UPS or FedX. Please ship to Lee's Mags LLC 418 south C. Ave NewUnderwood, SD 57761, at your own expense.

Notice! Product pictures are just an example, and are not intended as a description. Please refer to product description, not photo's for product description. Photo's are sometimes provided by suppliers and may be a different color or version of item, or may be a used item, whereas item color, condition variation, etc may vary from item to item, or box to box. Everything I sell is sold in as is condition, all sales are final, no refunds or returns. I do describe items the best I can. However, I handle hundreds if not thousands of parts, in any given day, and when I re stock bins, the next box of same items may be slightly different, etc. So, I sometimes have to change product descriptions and pictures everytime I restock a bin. I describe products the best I can, but its hit and miss at best, identifying parts used and new., and impossible to identify parts 100%. If you cant accept those risks, then shop elsewhere. I offer no gurantees.

I salvage parts. I don't  guarantee condition of any parts I sell, or if they are usable for any specific purpose. I do describe items the best I can. Some parts have defects, cracks or missing parts that I don't see.  Its impossible to see them all.

I don't guaranty condition of anything I sell, even new. That's always been written in my policies.  Well, for a long time it certainly has been. New item,  if manufacture has a warranty you have to contact manufacture directly. All sales are final, no refunds or returns.

I salvage parts. I don't  guarantee condition of any parts I sell, or if they are usable for any specific purpose. I do describe items the best I can. Some parts have defects, cracks or missing parts that I don't see.  Its impossible to see them all.

If an item you receive is defective, you can return it at your expense for a refund within 5 business days.

Please mail to Lee's Mags LLC PO Box 27 NewUnderwood, SD 57761, or ship to Lee's Mags LLC 418 South C. ave NewUnderwood, SD 57761.

*** Notice" many New imported gun parts like magazines, etc, have no manufacture warranty. I don't offer one either.  I sell the just like everything else.  everything I sell, is old as is condition, all sales are final, no refunds, returns, exchanges, and orders cannot be changed after they are placed.***

Gun parts are generally not designed to be used again.

Anyone who creates an account on my website and places an order accepts all risks and responsibilities for
everything they buy from me.
Gun parts are not designed to be used again or intended for that, so I would never guarantee any part is usable for any specific purpose.
I would be foolish and irresponsible if I did.
gun parts are not legos, many gun parts are custom fitted when manufactured.

I don't give advice. If I did I would only recommend New Original equipment manufactured parts, never used parts.
I salvage parts. What my customers do with them is 100% their responsibility.

I sell  parts because they serve a purpose for people who have  a use for them, just like anyone who salvages anything.

Lee reserves the right to cancel or modify any order at anytime for any reason! Lee reserves the right to change any policy at anytime for any reason.

Lee's Mags is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages. Customer must agree to accept all responsibility for lost damaged, or stolen packages.
All sales are final, No refunds or returns.
If a purchase is made that is illegal or deemed illegal, and you need to return it, you will not be issued a refund. If you cannot accept responsibility for the legality of your purchase and  consequences, you cannot create an account on this website or place an order. If it's not legal don't buy it, if you don't know if it's not legal, don't buy it.
Lee's Mags is not a warranty repair facility for any manufacture. If you have a warranty issue, you must contact the manufacture directly.

All Sales are final. All Items sold at Lee's Mags are sold in as is condition, no refunds, returns, or exchange. 

If I ever decide to make an exception and accept a return the decision is made by Lee, and there is a 30% re-stocking fee, unless it was an illegal  purchase, and its a 100% re-stocking fee, or whatever you want to call it
Most surplus parts are dirty and greasy and I can't see every defect under dirt and grease.  Be aware of that.
Be aware that Lee's mags salvages parts, and when I buy parts, they are often misidentified. I cannot guaranty where a part came from or what model its from, or guaranty it in anyway.
If Lee's mags makes a mistake on an order and sends the wrong item, You can send it back for a refund, I dont send replacements. I grab hundrdes, if not thousands of parts everyday, and I sometimes grab wrong part by mistake. if I do that for a 50 cent part, it costs a lot of money to send wrong part back and send replacement, so I don't do that. Customer must send wrong part back at his/her expense fora  refund. I dont refund shipping.
I must do that to keep costs down. If you don't agree to accept that policy or any of Lee's Mags policy, do not create an account and do not place an order.

not all parts are interchangeable, even on same make and model. They may need fitting,and may not fit at all. manufactures sometimes change screw sizes, hole sizes, diamaeter changes with out changing the SKU/part number on the firearm. So part may or may not be interchangeable over time.

I don't guaranty the condition of any part.  .Part sizes, and dimension vary, even on same make and model. Most surplus don't have generation1, generation 2, etc, to identify what generation the part is, and what generation of model it fits. With AK's, I havent' seen that,, except  with NEW US made ones, and I see 2, 3 generations in as many years.  My point is, there are no set standards in the Ak platform. Parts vary, even on same make and model, so there is no way to know for sure, if any part will fit, or if it will need fitting.
I am not perfect and occasionally I forget an item or items on an order. If that happens, please email me at [email protected] and I will issue youa refund for that item. I wont be sending you the missing items. I have this policy in place  to keep costs down.

If a used item you received from me has a defect that I didn’t see, or didn't describe in the description, or if I sent wrong item,  you can return it  at your expense, within 5 days of receiving delivery. Email me at [email protected]. Unless its New, then you need to contact manufacture directly if there are any warranty issue..  I wont reimburse you for return shipping. Just email me and explain the situation. I will not be sending a replacement because shipping costs more than the part in most cases.
If for some reason, I do decide to accept a return, the customer is responsible for shipping item back to me. I will not pay or reimburse to ship any items back to me. Before shipping anything back to me, you have to get my authorization. Email me at [email protected]  If I give a refund, its a refund for the item, not any shipping fees.

Once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled, so make sure what you order is exactly what you want.
You must inspect your order right away. IF I made a  mistake on your order, you need to notify me via email within 5 days.
Lee's mags is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

When purchasing a firearm:
Please inspect all firearms thoroughly when picking them up from the dealer before proceeding with the transfer. I do not accept returns after the firearm has been transferred. 

Used products. All used products are sold as is, no refunds and returns. I only sell items I think are in good condition unless otherwise specified ,and I identify them the best I can.   I can't always identify all used items 100%, accurately. Occasionally I misidentify items by mistake and so do my suppliers. 

All surplus and or used firearms and parts must be inspected and tested by a Qualified gunsmith or armorer prior to use.

Satisfied and repeat customers are important to me! That is why I take considerable time to describe my items the best I can.

  If an item has a defect that I didn’t see,  you can return it  at your expense. I wont reimburse you for return shipping. Just email me and explain the situation. I won't accept a return on any part if it has been modified in anyway.

Buying used gun parts  online isn’t for everyone.  It has its risks. Its for people who know what they want and need, can read descriptions thoroughly, look at pictures, and make a good decision as to whether they want to buy the part or not.  Its also for people who are competent gunsmiths, or who will have one inspect the parts and perform the work needed.

Not all firearm parts are interchangeable. Use of surplus parts without proper knowledge, and/or installation, could cause a firearm to malfunction and cause property damage, injury or death.

Before any firearm is test fired, it needs to be checked for proper headspace by a competent gunsmith.

922R rules apply. All surplus parts are sold as is, no refunds or returns. All parts are intended for legal use in semi automatic firearms

All parts are sold with the intent to be used as replacement parts for legal semi automatic firearms, or for legal use  for legally obtained NFA firearms when applicable.

None of my parts are sold with intent to convert  a semiautomatic into a full automatic firearm!

Its the customers responsibility to make sure all parts installed onto your firearms are installed properly for legal semiautomatic use, or legally under the NFA act and all applicable laws.

Most surplus firearm parts are taken from fully automatic weapons that have been legally demilled, and may  need modification by a  qualified gunsmith for proper legal semi-automatic function! Its the customers responsibility to make sure any part installed on your firearm, is done legally, and by a qualified gunsmith.

Lee’s Mags assumes no liability and extends no warranty for the safe function of replacement parts.

If you have any questions about my shipping policies, warranty policies, return policies, charges, fees, etc, please contact me before placing an order!

By placing an order with Lee's mags, you agree to my policies and procedures.

By placing an order with Lee's Mags, You agree that your purchase is Legal, that you are not restricted from owning, or purchasing that product, and that product is not restricted where you live!

The best way to contact me is through email. or [email protected]

Ammunition: All warranty issues regarding ammunition have to be handled directly with the manufacture! Absolutely No- returns on ammunition. Ammunition needs to be kept with original packaging, or atleast the label, so you can identify the ammunition and lot number. IF you throw away, the packaging and warranty labels, it voids your warranty, because manufacture cant identify the lot number! Manufactures need the labels to identify the lot number and verify its their ammo, and not someone elses!