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If you buy something from this website, that means you accept all the risks and responsibilities involved. I dont offer any guarantees. I try and describe everything I sell the best I can. GODSPEED

General Info  Minimum order amount of $50, due to my physical limitations, as well as other reasons. Make sure what you are buying is legal prior to making purchase!

All sales are final. No refunds, returns, or exchanges. Orders cannot be changed by customer after they are placed, or cancelled by the customer.  Once an order is place, it cannot be changed or cancelled. Lee reserves the right to cancel any order at anytime for any reason, so I remain in control of my business, and not my customers dictating new terms, after the order was placed. I won't allow that. sadly it happens almost everyday. make sure your order is correct before you place it. You can't combine orders to try and get a cheaper shipping rate. Each order is  a separate legally binding agreement. You can't change that. I reserve the right to cancel any order at anytime. If you don't accept those terms, & all all my other policies, then don't order form this website!!!!!! All sales are final, and you need to verify your order is correct, and not expect me to change it if you make a mistake. I never agreed to do that. People try to do that to me frequently, and frankly its not legal or even possible. I can stuff two orders in one package physically, but I cant change an order after its placed within my website, its not allowed, probably because its not legal to modify a legal contract after its placed and money paid. I do reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason, to protect myself from people trying to make me their personal slaves, and manipulate me to do things that I never agreed to do, and some even threaten me if I don't do what they want.

Notice! Product pictures are just an example, and are not intended as a description. Please refer to product description, not photo's for product description. Photo's are sometimes provided by suppliers and may be a different color or version of item, or may be a used item, whereas item color, condition variation, etc may vary from item to item, or box to box. Everything I sell is sold in as is condition, all sales are final, no refunds or returns. I do describe items the best I can. However, I handle hundreds if not thousands of parts, in any given day, and when I re stock bins, the next box of same items may be slightly different, etc. So, I sometimes have to change product descriptions and pictures everytime I restock a bin. I describe my products the best I can, but it's not an exact science, and I offer no guarantees whatsoever.

I salvage parts. I don't  guarantee condition of any parts I sell, or if they are usable for any specific purpose. I do describe items the best I can. Some parts have defects, cracks or missing parts that I don't see.  Its impossible to see them all.

I dont guaranty condition of anything I sell, even new. Thats always been written in my policies. New item,  if manufacture has a warranty you have to contact manufacture directly. All sales are final, no refunds or returns. ** Note many imported items even new, manufacture offers NO warranty***

If you don't accept those policies, that's fine, but you cannot create an account and make a purchase unless you do read, understand my policies and agree to accept every policy, and understand I can change any policy anytime I need too, just like any other business can do.

Gun parts are generally not designed to be used again.

Anyone who creates an account on my website and places an order accepts all risks and responsibilities for
everything they buy from me.
Gun parts are not designed to be used again or intended for that, so I would never guarantee any part is usable for any specific purpose.
I would be foolish and irresponsible if I did.
gun parts are not legos, many gun parts are custom fitted when manufactured.

I don't give advice. If I did I would only recommend New Original equipment manufactured parts, never used parts.
I salvage parts. What my customers do with them is 100% their responsibility.

I sell  parts because they serve a purpose for people who have  a use for them, just like anyone who salvages anything.

Mistakes on orders: If I send you the wrong part by mistake, if its described wrong, defective, or whatever, you can return it for a refund at your expense within 5 business days of receiving the wrong item. I won't be shipping you the correct item you ordered. If you don't accept that policy you can't buy from me.

Lee's Mags is  now operating on a part time basis. MY website operates 24/7 but I only do physical work a couple hours per day. If you place an order I will get it shipped within 5 business days, then it will take however long it takes for USPS priority mail or UPS ground to deliver your package.
Mistakes on orders. If I forget an item from an order, I will give you a refund for that item, I don't send it to you.
If  part of an item is missing, I don't send that missing part, you have to send back what you did receive for a refund.
If an item is defective or a part of an item is defective, I dont send replacements for defective parts. You must return the item for a refund. I don't pay for return shipping.  I will refund your card for missing items,  or if I send you the wrong item and you return it to me. I do that to keep costs down. if you don't like that, I am sorry, you will have to shop somewhere else. You will have to return item to me at your expense and I will issue you a refund minus shipping.Please send it to Lee's Mags LLC PO Box 27 NewUnderwood SD 57761 I do not gurranty condition of any part, or that any part is even usable for any specific purpose.If you dont accept that, you cant' shop here. I cant offer those services by myself , you need to shop somewhere that offers the services you want and /or need.

Mistakes on orders: If I send you the wrong part by mistake, if its described wrong, defective, or whatever, you can return it for a refund at your expense within 5 business days of receiving the wrong item. I won't be shipping you the correct item you ordered. If you don't accept that policy you can't buy from me.
Its the customers responsibility to inspect order immediately when its received. Customer has 5 days after order is received to report any issues. If you don't report issues with order within 5 days of receiving it you agree to accept the order as complete in whatever  way it was received regardless of the reasons. If  you don't agree to accept this policy or any of my policies, then you cannot create an account and place ordes with Lee's Mags.

If you want to return an item for a  refund you must mail it to Lee's Mags LLC PO Box 27 NewUnderwood SD 57761.
If you can't mail it, you can use another carrier like UPS or FedX. Please ship to Lee's Mags LLC 418 south C. Ave NewUnderwood, SD 57761

Lee's Mags is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages. Customer must agree to accept all responsibility for lost damaged, or stolen packages.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Lee's Mags is  not responsible for typographical errors.
  • You need to be logged into your account to add items to your cart and see volume discounts and product options.
  • All information is secure and private. I do NOT sell your information.
  • Lee's Mags is  a Self service website.
  • Lee's mags is a home based, one man operation.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you have any issue with your order,  you must email me at [email protected] and tell me your name and order number so I can lookup your order. If you cannot provide me the name on the order/account, and or order number, I cannot look up your order. Please provide specific details of issue and picture if needed.
Warning.  New imported items have no warranty and are sold in as is condition. I inspect products, however sometimes new items get scuffed up on boat ride and or  during shipping. If you have  defective new imported part, I don't send replacements. You have to ship it back to me and I will refund you for that item.  You have to send back entire item, not part of it. You send it within 5 business days.

  • I Do not ship Parcel Post.
  • My minimum shipping fee is $12.99. I have mark ups I on items to cover shipping costs. many small items don't have any markups. I ship Most orders USPS Priority mail in flat rate packages.
  • My business is set up for retail sales, and my shipping mark ups for magazines are usually $1/each and works well for small to medium sized orders, not intended for wholesale orders of  larger quantities.
  • Most orders ship out within 5 business days. Please allow 10 business days for order to arrive before requesting tracking numbers. Lee's mags is a one person operation using flat rate packages, not live shipping rates, and this system does not work with automatically sending tracking numbers, I wish it did.  If you don't receive your order after 10 business days, please email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to track your package. Please provide your name, order number and any pertinent information I need to track your order. Don't use alias names and email address, I won't send tracking info to alias email addresses and or names that don't match customers account.
  • Large orders, I will likely ship UPS ground.
  • If you need or want a tracking number right away, and can't alow 10 business days to wait for your package to arrive, before requesting tracking  numbers, you cannot place an order.
  • I do sometimes manully send out tracking numbers, like on most large orders over $300, firearms shipments and ammo shipments. I get to decide that. I have this policy, so I dont get overwhelmed with emails requesting tracking numbers. Is overwhelming if I dont have this policy.
  • Lee's Mags is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.
  • Items available on the website may NOT be available at my gunshop.

Before you place an order, make sure you know, for sure, the item you are buying is the item you need. If you  order the wrong part, sorry, too bad. I shouldn't have to lose money because buyer is lazy.. All sales are final, no refunds or returns.  IF you don't know what you need, contact manufacture or qualified gunsmith. I have list of a few gunsmiths on home page.

  • Lee's Mags is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items during shipment.
  • Mistakes on orders. If I make a mistake on an order an forget an item or send wrong item. I don't send replacements. I don't pay for return shipping. I do that to keep costs down. if you don't like that, I am sorry, you will have to shop somewhere else.
    I grab thousands of parts, every day usually, and I sometimes grab the wrong part. If I have to pay return shipping, and pay to send replacements, then a  50 cent part turns into a $20 part.
    There are risks buying surplus parts and I have policies how I handle mistakes. If you cant accept my policies, and accept all the risks and responsibilities, you cant place an order.
  • I grab hundreds if not thousands of parts everyday. I cannot be 100% accurate all the time. I sometimes grab the wrong part by mistake, or a part may have a defect that I don't see. I have severe neurological cervical spine problems that effects my ability to bend my neck. I can't physically bend my neck thousands of times per day to look at every part, nor can I list up thousands of parts every day up to my eyes to inspect it. I just can't do that. General pre sort used parts and put into bins. When I grab used parts, depending on the situation, I do generally do a quick look to verify its the right item as described if its a magazine or something. However, on little parts, I  often have to pull out the bin and hand count out 50 of this, 20 of that either on the floor, or I have to carry bin to my work bench, so I can count parts without injuring my spinal cord or aggravate pinched nerves with 20 items on an order, requires a lot of physical labor.  I have to work carefully due to my Neuroligical cervical spine problems.

  • There are a lot of risks buying new and used gun parts. Not all parts are interchangeable even on same make and model. Some parts are fitted when firearm is built, and may or may not fit another one that is the same make and model. That is very common with magazines. Many manufactures change magazine designs as they improve a firearm. Some manufactures are smart and designate what generation the magazine or firearm is, so you know what to buy. Other manufactures aren't so smart, and dont do that, so it impossible to know what magazine will fit your firearm until you physically do it

    You must be 21 years old or older to place an order on this website.  You will be required to agree to a statement verifying that you are 21 years or older and that there are no local laws prohibiting the purchase of that item. If you do not agree, I cannot process the order. The reason for this policy is because  most ammunition can be used in  a handgun or a rifle, and Federal law requires minimum age of 21 years of age to purchase handgun ammunition.

Selling Military surplus is not an exact science. Some surplus firearm parts vary depending on when they were made. So, the same part in the same make and model may not fit your firearm, if it wasn't made the same time frame as your rifle. It's impossible to identify every part 100% of the time. I describe each item the best I can and take pictures. Surplus varies box to box, and many times its identified incorrectly from the suppliers, making identification near impossible. Sometimes different size pins are used, different diameters for barrel trunnions, etc, etc.
If Lee makes a mistake on an order and ships the wrong item, I will refund you for the item once it is returned. I wont be sending out the correct item. Sorry, but that's my policy.  You must agree to all policies to make a purchase from my website.
There is a certain amount of risk buying  Surplus Firearm related items online. It is your responsibility to make sure the item you  are purchasing is the item you need, and that a qualified gunsmith will be performing any   work that you need performed on your firearm.
If I forget an item or items on an order, I will refund you for the missing item. I don't send it out to you. I have this policy to keep costs down and prevent fraud.
You cannot assume, based merely on make and model, that a used surplus part  of the same model will fit. I wish that were the case, but it isn't.
I have seen lower wood handguards, sling swivel bases,  wood stocks, cleaning rods, etc, from same make and model vary. So depending on when that part was made and when your firearm was made, may determine if it will fit. Different diameters for parts like barrel pins,and barrel trunnions from rifle to rifle.
Many firearms parts need fitting by qualified individuals.
There are no set standards for the AK Platform.  There are hundreds of AK variants. Not all parts are interchangeable. Some may be, some may not be. Only a qualified gunsmith with experience in that particular variant can make that decision, and even then its not an exact science.

You can't just buy Military surplus Firearm parts online and expect them to fit perfectly. They may, they may not.

All items for sale are made for a particular make and model firearm, and are not intended to be used in any other firearm. They may fit, but that doesn't mean its safe.
Some firearm parts may be interchangeable with another model, but that decision is the responsibility of a qualified gunsmith,and only a qualified person  should be making that decision. Or someone who hasthe skills and accepts all teh responsibilities.

  • All sales are final. All products sold in as is condition, no refunds or returns. All warranty issues must be handled directly with manufacture.
  • If a New item has a defect, you need to contact manufacture directly to resolve issue.
  • If a used item has a defect that I didn't see, I am sorry about that, but that is a risk buying surplus. I cant see every defect under dirt and grease. I will not pay or reimburse to ship items back to me.  If you receive an item that has a defect that is so bad you can't make it work, you can send part back if you ship it back within 5 business days, for a refund, but you have to pay shipping. I won't be sending a replacement.

  •  I can't guaranty condition of parts unless I cleaned and inspected each part, and that would increase prices to the point, its not worth dealing in used parts.
  • If you buy a new item, and it has some blemish or defect that I didnt mention in description, you can return it to me within 5 business days of receiving order for a refund for that item. You have to send entire item back, not parts of it. I don't send out replacements.
I keep my prices down by working alone and having very strict policies.

  • I do not accept international orders. I do not export anything outside the USA.
  • Items left in shopping carts will be cleared in seven days.

  • Warranty repairs: Lee's Mags LLC is not a warranty repair station, and therefore, Lee's Mags LLC Makes No express or implied warranty whatsoever with respect to any merchandise, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness  for a particular purpose. The only warranties provided are provided by the manufactures, not all manufactures offer warranties, and as contained in each manufactures package. Please ship any repairs directly to manufacture.
  • Lee's Mags reserves the right to cancel any order at anytime for any reason.
  • If customer gives wrong shipping address and order is returned to me, there will be a 15% restocking fee charged, plus you will not be refunded the shipping fee. You will be refunded the rest and the order will be cancelled. You will be allowed to re order, but know guaranty it will be the same price, or if sale ended, you have to pay current price.

By placing an order with Lee's mags, you agree to my policies and procedures.By placing an order with Lee's Mags, You agree that your purchase is Legal, that you are not restricted from owning, or purchasing that product, and that product is not restricted where you live!

The best way to contact me is through email. [email protected] or [email protected]

Any  products purchased from Lee's Mags  may not be exported without approval from the manufacturer, and any approved

exports must be in compliance with U.S. government export licensing requirements (i.e., U.S.

Department of State ITAR regulations and Department of Commerce BIS regulations)

Most items are shipped USPS priority flat rate mail insured. Large  usually orders ship UPS ground. All items on this website are in stock and ready to ship. If you place an order, you should receive it within 7 business days. I am not set up to send tracking numbers automatically, so please allow  time for your order to deliver. If you need tracking number you can email me requesting it, and I will be happy to send it to you.

Typographical Errors

In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical error or error in pricing information received from my suppliers, My store shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product listed at the incorrect price. My store  shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is canceled, My Store shall immediately issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the incorrect price.
In the event  an item description has an error, Lee's Mags reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason at anytime..

Assumption of Shipping Liability. (Please read carefully)

I do my best to ensure that your product reaches your door as quickly and as issue free as possible, I simply cannot guarantee that the shipping carrier (example, UPS or FedEx or US Postal Service)  will not damage or lose your product, or that once delivered, your product will not be stolen or damaged. Once your product is delivered according to the shipping carrier (example UPS or FedEx or US Postal Service) to the address you have provided, you assume all responsibility for its safety and hereby explicitly release Lee's Mags LLC dba  from all claims, liability and responsibility thereafter.
Lee's Mags does not get involved in filing insurance claims with any carriers. Lee's Mags cannot guranty delivery of any package, because I cannot control what the carrier does with your package.  You must accept the risks and responsibilities that you may not receive your package. If you do not accept those risks and responsibilities, you cannot create an account on Lee's Mags website and you cannot place an order on Lee's Mag website.
Sometimes packages get lost or stolen. Lee's mags is not going to be responsible for that. You are. If you don't  accept this policy you cannot by anything from this website. Period.  Most packages are shipped priority mail and come with some insurance. You will have to file that yourself if possible. Lee's Mags will not get involved in that.   I am one person, I cannot control the US Post office, and I am not going to lose money due to their mistakes, or if your package gets stolen.
I have shipped over 20,000 packages via USPS priority mail. I filed, I think one insurance claim. I think maybe 4 packages got lost or stolen, out of thousands  and thousands of packages over a span of 10 years.  Insurance fr USPS priority mail is worthless as far as I am concerned. I don't get involved in it. The time it takes to file a claim  and all time involved, I can make 5 times that much money. Filing insurance claims for lost, stolen, or damaged packages, in my opinion for USPS priority mail is a complete waste of my time.  I have years of experience that formed that opinion.

By placing an order at Lee's mags you agree to this policy and all other policies at Lee's Mags.