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If you buy something from this website, that means you accept all the risks and responsibilities involved. I dont offer any guarantees. I try and describe everything I sell the best I can. GODSPEED
Update: Lee's Mags is now operating on a part time basis. Website open 24/7, however, I am only willing and able to do physical labor a few hours per day.    I used to get orders shipped within next business day most of the time, now, I will get orders shipped within 5 business days. I will update this throughout my website policies when I get time.
This is a Self Service only website ran by one person. That means you  are completely on your own finding what you need, other than the search bar, which is very helpful.. Just type in keywords and it will guide you to what you need a lot better than I could myself. If it's not on my website, I don't have it.
I have been diagnosed with severe cervical spinal stenosis, which limits my abilities to do many things. Please don't ask me to provide services not listed on this website.
This website is strictly self service. I am not set up, to answer questions.  Please contact manufacture for any product questions, about what you may need.
I have many policies, and all are written to maintain my ability to run my business on my own, within my physical limitations.
Not sure if American Disabilities act applies/protects self employed  people who sell online, but I am working on finding out.

My website/ search bar can help you find stuff a lot better than I can. Use the search bar, other than that, your on your own.
If you  can't accept the fact this website is self service, then you cannot buy anything on this website! Have a nice day!

The only emails I return, are to help customers with issues existing orders. If you have an issue with an order, email me  with your order number, and  details of issue in message part of email..

If you need assistance with an issue with a firearm that you own or need a part for it, or have questions, my only suggestions are to contact the manufacture and ask them for assistance, and/or a qualified gunsmith with experience with particular firearm your having issues, as well as particular experience with specific issue you have.

Lee's Mags is a Self Service only Website for people who know precisely what they need, and have the proper training and skills to perform the
task at hand.. Please don't ask me to help you find  products, or any questions,  because I put all  the info I know in the product description.
Lee does not know what part you need, so please don't ask. That isn't what I do! Thank You.  Please don't ask me if I have this or that, or to help you find what you need. You are on your own finding what you need on this website. Please use the search bar to help you locate what you need. It does a better job than I could ever do.
Everything is sold in as is condition. All sales are final, no refunds or returns.
I keep repeating my self over and over intentionally because no matter what I seem to do, I still get flooded with email questions every day

If you purchase an item that is illegal for you to possess, I will not give you a refund if you have to return it. If you don't accept that policy you cannot create an account on this website or place an order. If you create an account on this website you must agree to accept all my polices.  You must Agree to follow all applicable laws. By creating an account and placing an order, that means you accept all my policies,and won't argue with me, when I do my job, and do what my policy says I will do if I make a mistake on your order ,or any other issue comes u with your order.

Do not buy anything from this website, unless it's legal and you know precisely what you want and/or need, proper training, and experience to do the required work you need performed.  Lee's Mags LLC is not available to help assist you in finding what you need online., nor does Lee have any experience in that sort of thing online. I have never built an AK in my life! Personally I don't think its ethical to give advice as to what gun parts you need without first inspecting your firearm, to make sure it's safe, and that installing those parts is legal. You can't do that without seeing the firearm.

Lee's mags does not offer any gunsmithing services or advice!  I just sell products, I don't get involved in advising anyone about anything. I do own a gunshop as well, and it's open on appointment only basis. Face to face, I can give some advice if I think I have any to give, and I do some work on firearms, as  needed owning my own gunshop. I don't build AK style firearms. I just sell AK parts.
 I don't give any gunsmithing advice online.
The only product information I usually get from my suppliers  is very brief, not much information at all. I put everything I know about a product in item description.
I describe products honestly, and I don't hide anything. All that does is create problems with me and my customers, which I do not want.

If you don't know what you need and don't have the proper training and qualifications to do the task you want done, this website is not for you! You need to contact manufacture or a competent gunsmith with  experience  with whatever it is you need done.

I put everything I know about products in the description to avoid people from having to ask me questions. You are on your own looking for products.  I am sorry, but I can't run this business by myself and answer hundreds of email questions everyday. It's  just not possible. I want to be consistent, and explain clearly on my home page, that my business is ran entirely by one person and is strictly a Self Service business.
Please take advantage of the search bar on top of the screen. It will help you find what you need. Type in keyword, hit enter.
The search feature is much better at finding the part your looking for than I am.

NO haggling or negotiating prices, or asking me to do anything not offered on item description. Please. My website sells my products, I fill orders. Please don't ask me for free shipping, discounts, coupons, or any special deals. I focus on treating all customers the same. My website is set up self service, so I can do everything by myself.

I salvage parts, and offer no guaranties, however, I do describe products the best I can so you can decide if you want it or not.
Lee's mags Salvages used surplus parts and some new parts.
Everything I sell is sold in as is condition, all sales are final, no refunds, returns, or exchanges!

 Please read item descriptions. People email me frequently saying I expected this or that,without really reading the product description. If you want to know how I grade used parts, check out my surplus grading link on top of this Home page. Once you know how I grade surplus, then you will know what to expect. 

Please be AWARE surplus parts vary in sizes, such as length diameter, and may have been fitted to a specific firearm. I do not guaranty specific sizes, length diameters, weights, etc, of parts. Sorting and grading used surplus parts is not an exact science., and sizes and dimensions of parts can vary from part to part, since so many parts are custom fitted to specific firearms. Each part can be unique, so I cant guaranty anything. No guaranties in surplus.
I don't guaranty any thing I sell is usable, reusable or will fit for a specific purpose! However, I describe condition of my products as best as I can.  Used parts vary from part to part. The new products I sell, if they have a warranty, then contact manufacture for warranty issues, not me, that goes for any New Firearms, mags, parts food,etc
If I don't write all this on my homepage, I get overwhelmed with people ordering the wrong parts. I don't want you ordering the wrong part anymore than you do! There are no set standards in the AK platform, so lots of parts need fitting or may not even fit. Not all AK parts are interchangeable.

Most manufactures of firearms prefer customers to contact them directly, for warranty issues and not the retailer. So if you have an issue with a New part, please contact manufacture directly.

I hope my used and new products are usable, but there is no way I can know if it will work for your particular situation. Many  parts are custom fitted to the original firearm it was used on, and may or may not fit yours,  and/or may need fitting.
Specifications for Ak variants, vary so much, I cant guaranty anything, even on new  AK parts!!!

Prices are subject to change at anytime without any notice. Please don't leave items in cart, walk away, and expect the price to stay the same. Sorry, but I am constantly changing prices.

Mistakes on orders. If I make a mistake on an order and forget an item or send wrong item. I don't send replacements. I don't pay for return shipping.  I will refund your card for missing items. I do that to keep costs down. if you don't like that, I am sorry, you will have to shop somewhere else.

I set up my business and policies to work within my limitations working alone., as well as my very serious Neurological cervical spine issues that limi it what I can do significantly.
If you can't accept my policies, working by myself, and my limitations, please shop somewhere else. GODSPEED.

When I buy new and used parts, I have no way to verify if the description my supplier gave me is correct or not. Example, My supplier may say these are from this model, and from this country, and when I get it, its something else, or a mix. That's just how it is.
I can't see every defect on every part. I cannot identify every part 100%. IF you want perfection, I am sorry, The AK platform with varying degrees of tolerances, and used parts, is hit and miss at best, when trying to find a part that will work for your particular situation.
I describe everything I sell the best I can in item description. I put all I know about a product in the description, so thousands of customers don't have to email me the same questions all day, every day, over and over. It's like ground hog day.

If you have an issue with an order, don't send a blank email, with no subject. Please email me order number, details of issue, pics if needed, and I will be happy to help. [email protected]

I mostly sell used surplus AK parts. Selling used surplus gun parts is not an exact science. Most AK parts will require some fitting by someone who is familiar with fitting that particular part.
Not all AK parts are interchangeable.  Used parts vary, part to part, and box to box. So, I am constantly updating product descriptions, pictures, prices, basically everyday.

 Buying used gun parts online isn't for everyone. There is a certain amount of risk involved buying used gun parts. It's just the way it is.  All work/gunsmithing  on a firearm should be done by a qualified gunsmith, or someone who is qualified.

 I have  a $14.99 Base shipping Fee. I ship USPS Priority Mail. I don't ship Parcel post. Large orders that don't fit in USPS priority boxes, ship UPS ground. Shipping is calculated during checkout. My minimum shipping fee is $14.99 and I put markups on most items to cover shipping. I do not use live shipping rates. I charge a little more for shipping than my cost to cover my expenses, and pay me for my time. If you don't like that, too bad, shop somewhere else. I have severe Neurological cervical spine issues. i can work as fast as most people. I have to make a lv\iving, I cant spend my time shipping packages and not get paid for it

Lee's Mags is Located in New Underwood, SD. is strictly an E-commerce website. I do not take phone orders. The best way to contact me is via Email; [email protected] or [email protected]

Lee's Mags LLC sells firearms, Parts, accessories, etc. I do not offer gunsmithing advice or services. You need to know what part you need to place an order.

You must be 21 years old or older to make any purchase from Lee's Mags!!! That's my policy! Thank You!

My focus at Lee's Mags are simple transactions, with fast shipping & fair prices! Please make sure you know all applicable gun laws before you buy anything from my website! If you aren't 100% sure what you are buying is legal, Don't buy it!

  Everything is in stock and ready to ship, unless otherwise specified.  

All Sales are final. Everything is sold in as s condition. NO refunds or returns. IF you have issue with a New product, please contact the Manufacture for warranty information if available. Most domestic manufactures offer some type of warranty.

Please be aware that many imported items, the manufactures may not have any warranty whatsoever. Those items are sold in as is condition.

I describe the condition of my products the best I can, and  take pictures.

Any repairs and modifications to a firearm or its parts, needs to be performed by a qualified individual.

It's your responsibility to know all applicable laws in regards to your purchase. You are responsible to know if the item you are buying is legal for you to purchase, and possess, as well as if it's legal to install on your firearm. Just because a Firearm part is legal to have, doesn't mean its legal to put on your firearm.

Please don't ask me  questions about any gun related laws, I am not a lawyer. 

I can't possibly see every broken, missing, damaged part, I am sorry, I just can't. If I see products that I notice have a defect, I describe it accordingly.

It is very common for manufactures to mis-identify/describe products, get pictures wrong ect, etc. I am no exception. I make mistakes on item descriptions too, once in a while. I try not too, but it happens sometimes.

Surplus is random and varies item to item, so its impossible to describe everything 100% accurately. So, If you expect perfection and guarantees, and want to return items if your not happy, I am sorry, you will have to shop somewhere else that offers that kind of service.

Most imported new parts, have no warranty whatsoever, so "buyer beware of that."

***** FYI Product pictures are just an example and are often Supplied by factory, have errors, in color, model etc.I correct errors if I catch them. Always refer to product description. If picture doesn't match product description, please email me at [email protected] leesmags with the SKU of the product, so I can look it up and clear up any discrepancies. Surplus Products change from part to part, box to box, so If I take pictures, of product, the next one , or next box may be different. I am changing pictures and updating descriptions every day.  When I take pictures of used surplus, many times I take pictures of 2,3,4, whatever, to show how they differ in wear, nics, dings and scratches. It doesn't mean you get 10. Just like when you see a picture of a rifle leaning against a House, or a truck, doesn't mean you get the house or the truck. Pictures are just an example, they are not to be used as  a product description, and could be the wrong picture. Sorry, but it sometimes happens, so please read product descriptions.

Thank You for visiting my website and taking the time to read my Home page.

GODSPEED & Sincerely,

Lee Lassegard

Owner of Lee's Mags