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If you buy something from this website, that means you accept all the risks and responsibilities involved. I dont offer any guarantees. I try and describe everything I sell the best I can. GODSPEED

Welcome to Lee's Mags.

This is strictly a self service, E-Commerce only Business.

Online sales only. NO mail orders, or phone orders

$50 minimum order amount. 

You must read, understand, and accept all my policies, terms and conditions, before creating an account. 

Most gun parts are not intended or designed to be re used. Many gun parts are fitted when assembled and may not fit any other firearm.

Everything is sold in as is condition. All sales are final, no refunds or returns. 

I leave it up to my customers to evaluate if they have a use for the products I sell. I am not a teacher. I don't give advice. If I did, I would  recommend buy NEW OEM, American made, with a good warranty NEW Period! Please don't ask me what part you need. This is a self service website.  There are many uses for the products I sell and I have thousands of repeat customers. My website are for people who know what they need, and how to do task at hand, or do the dd needed to get the job done safely.

I don't build AK's. I have no idea if the part your looking at on my website will work for you or not. 

Tens of thousands of people have found uses for the stuff I sell. I leave it up to them and their judgment to determine if what I am selling is something they have a use for.

Prices can change at anytime without notice.

I do describe items the best I can, but its impossible to identify every part 100%.

I mostly buy used surplus, manufacture discontinued, no longer imported items, niche items. 

Condition of parts, color, version, cosmetics, finish, etc of items can vary from box to box. I sometimes have to change product description and take different pictures, when I re-fill bins.

Identification of surplus parts is hit and miss at best. I don't and cant  guaranty identification of products are 100% accurate. All I can do, is the best I can. 

Most gun parts are not designed to be re used, and that is an inherent risk of buying used gun parts.

If you want to create an account and place an order on this website, you must read, understand and accept all my terms and conditions, and allow me to do my job according to those terms and conditions, then I want your business!!!