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If you buy something from this website, that means you accept all the risks and responsibilities involved. I dont offer any guarantees. I try and describe everything I sell the best I can. GODSPEED
****Lee's Mags is a self service website. I am not available to answer any questions. I run this business on a part time basis.
Please don't ask me to offer any services other than what I am offering.
Please do not try and haggle with me. Please do not ask me to do any hand picking.
Filling orders is not easy physically. It takes all I have just to fill orders. Its physically demanding.   When I fill orders, I may have to grab hundreds of parts from dozens of bins.

Make sure your order is legal before you make purchase. If you are not 100% certain your purchase is legal, do not place the order.
All sales are final, no refund or returns. If you place an illegal order and need to return it, its  a100% restocking fee, meaning I don't refund you anything whatsoever!! Keep it legal!!!!

There is a $50 minimum order size.
    All sales are final. No refunds or returns.

2.       Lee’s Mags does not guaranty that any product sold is usable for a specific purpose. The reasons for this policy are many. One reason is some parts are fitted to a specific firearm, and may or may not fit, another firearm. Many items I sell are used, and I can’t see every defect, under grease and grime.

3.        Mistakes on orders. If I make a mistake on an order and forget an item or send wrong item. I don't send replacements. I don't pay for return shipping.  I will refund your card for missing items, or, if I send you the wrong item and you return it to me at your expense. I do that to keep costs down, and reduce fraud. If you don't like that, I am sorry, you will have to shop somewhere else. You will have to return item to me at your expense and I will issue you a refund minus shipping.Please send it to Lee's Mags LLC PO Box 27 NewUnderwood SD 57761

4.        If you purchase a new item from Lee’s mags, and you discover a missing part of that item or some defect, you need to contact the manufacture directly. Lee’s mags does not get involved with warranty issues. Not all new products have warranties, so be aware of that.

Only qualified and experienced gusnmiths should do any work on firearms. Lee’s mags is not responsible for anything anyone does to their firearm. All customers must accept sole and complete responsibility for their firearms, ammunition, accessories, and any maintenance,, or modifications made to them.

Lee’s Mags is not responsible for product identification. I do the best he can to identify and describe the products he sells. However, I cannot identify every part with 100% precision. Many products are described wrong from suppliers. It’s impossible to identify origin of every new and used firearm part, and especially ones that are not marked in any way.

If customer makes an illegal purchase and has to return it, I will accept return, but I will not issue any refund, its a 100% re-stocking fee for illegal purchases.  This policy is written to prevent illegal purchases, and it works well.