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surplus AK47 fixed stock tang screw
surplus AK47 fixed stock tang screw

surplus AK47 fixed stock tang screw

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One surplus used fixed stock tang screw. Sold as is condition
possibility of  other screws mixed in. Sold as is, no guaranties whatsoever.
These are slotted screws.
Fixed stock tang screws, sling swivel screws and butt plate screws are similar. Fixed stock tang screws tend to be threaded not all the way to screw head. i think that is becasue stock tang is metal and thicker shaft fits better than threads.
These are mostly 1" long end to end. If you intend to use the screw for a  butt plate or sling swivel, just be careful not to split the wood. May need fitting, like cut off end of screw, drill pilot hole, etc.
parts are not marked when I get them, or labeled. I jut describe them the best I can.
You can probably go to a hardware store and get a perfectly good screw much cheaper, however a slotted screw that comes from a  surplus AKm variant rifle wont stick out like a soar thumb like a Phillips, or torx, or whatever..
I have looked and looked and looked for slotted screws to sell for replacements, no luck. The only way to find these original screws, is buying arts kits from demilled imported AK47/ Akm variant machineguns.

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