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Yugoslavian  M70AB2 AK Barrel  W/ complete bolt 7.62X39
Yugoslavian M70AB2 AK Barrel W/ complete bolt 7.62X39

Yugoslavian M70AB2 AK Barrel W/ complete bolt 7.62X39

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This item consists of One used Barrel and one complete Yugo M70 bolt. Pick either milled or stamped bolt.

These barrels have scuff marks/galling by barrel pin, likely caused when pressed in or out.

 These barrels will have pull marks from demilling. Sometimes its minimal, sometimes it some serious galling and or gouging..  The pull marks generally start right behind  barrel pin cut out and go to the end of the barrel, the chamber end about an inch. Some time it messes up the end, and will need to be fixed.They should be reusable, but I can't guaranty that.  If this is an issue with you,You must buy a hand select barrel if I have any available. I no longer have that option available for this SKU. Not enough inventory

I don't guaranty condition of bores on the barrels, however I have bullet tested them and they all passed.
A bullet test that passes  is and indicator of strong rifling at the muzzle of the barrel. Its not a guaranty of strong rifling, its just one test.  I don't guaranty it will pass bullet test for you. I say that because if you push hard enough, of course the bullet can go all the way in, and these barrels are dirty and greasy, so there is a chance it passes bullet test now and after a good cleaning it may not.I don't get any guaranties on the surplus I buy from my suppliers, and I don't offer any either.
I do not guaranty these barrels in anyway. I do not guaranty they are reusable. However,
I do describe all products as honestly as I can, I dont hide anything,all that does is make my life suck, if I do that.

The  only issues I have seen with these barrels are the pull marks, and if you don't want to deal with that, please get hand select, which will have very little to no noticeable pull marks.

The bolts and barrels do not come from the same firearm.

Please pick whether you want a stamped or milled bolt. I bullet test these again when I fill the orders.

Yugo M70AB2 7.62x39mm Barrel - Used

  • 7.62x39mm
  • Yugo take-off barrels from parts kits
  • These are original Yugoslavian-made barrels
  • Not 922(r) compliant

However, each barrel has passed a bullet test.

These are used barrels and will likely be dirty and greasy inside and outside the bore. I do not clean them. So they will need a thorough cleaning before use. Expect a lot of finish wear, and I do not guaranty condition of rifling  inside the bore.

Sold as is, no refunds or returns.

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