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If you buy something from this website, that means you accept all the risks and responsibilities involved. I dont offer any guarantees. I try and describe everything I sell the best I can. GODSPEED
Yugoslavian M70AB2 7.62x39mm used surplus barrel. Salvaged from demilled parts kit
Yugoslavian M70AB2 7.62x39mm used surplus barrel. Salvaged from demilled parts kit

Yugoslavian M70AB2 7.62x39mm used surplus barrel. Salvaged from demilled parts kit

Retail Price: $20.00
Retail Price:$250.00
You Save:$230.00(92%)
Part Number: used barrel, sold as is.
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This item consists of One used Barrel. I don't know if these are usable or not!!!!! Sold in as is condition, all sales are final, no refunds, exchanges or returns. Yugoslavian M70AB2 7.62x39mm used surplus barrel. Salvaged from demilled rifle.

These will have galling, pull marks when barrels were pulled. I do have some that have minimal pull marks/galling to none, but I charge more for them.

If you want a new AK  barrel with a warranty then go buy one from some place that has them. I do not.

 I salvage parts. I don't gurantee they are usable. If you don't like that, good bye, have a nice day.  If you want warrantys and gurantees, you need to shop at places that offer them, not just expect a gurantee on a 50 year old gun part.
Imagine buying a 75 year old bike from american pickers and, discovered the tires didn't hold air, tires were worn, rusty, some scratches, faded paint, and you complained to them. They might just give you your money back to get you out of their store,a nd probably wouldnt sell you anything again. But I could be wrong. Me I would jus tell you to pack sand, and get the duck out of my shop.
I sell used gun parts, and I have no idea if a used part I sell is serviceable, usable or not.. there are lots of risks buying used gun parts. If  I see a part that I know need work, incomplete, poor condition, defective, I will state that in the product description. I do a quick look and so do most of my suppliers and weed out damaged parts, sort and grade parts the best we can. It is not an exact science.
I am really tired of the nasty emails I get.   The people who send the nastiest emails, complain about policies they agreed to and condition item was described. They never read the item description. Pictures are worthless with surplus. Condition varies box to box, even when sorted.
Importers opinion of verygood condition, is 80% finish left, maybe some rust, dents dings, scratches. Lots of my customers call that poor condition, because they are ignorant, not taught.. they aren't stupid, well maybe some are, but ignorance is a big problem for people buying used gun parts online. It can be very dangerous too.
Sold as is, all sales final, no refunds or returns.
These are used, Greasy, maybe rusty. I havent seen much rust on these, but I don't know about inside the barrels, mostly have grease inside, I don't inspect bores.
See pics. See the ones with the galling, the one you get will look similar, maybe not as bad, maybe worse! If that's a problem  for you, and unacceptable,you MUST NOT buy this item.
If I have any  left that have minimum to no pull marks I offer that as hand select option and charge more for it.

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