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Yugoslavian M70AB2 7.62x39mm used surplus barrel, Lamp-post  failed bullet test
Yugoslavian M70AB2 7.62x39mm used surplus barrel, Lamp-post failed bullet test

Yugoslavian M70AB2 7.62x39mm used surplus barrel, Lamp-post failed bullet test

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Part Number: 2/2/4868-2
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This item consists of One used Barrel.   this barrel failed a bullet test that I do on all these barrels.

So what is it good for? Hmm, dunno, maybe make a lamp post out of it, and  run wires through it for a light, or some other artsy fartsy thing.

Sold in as is condition, all sales are final, no refunds exchanges or returns. No guaranties whatsoever.

These are used, greasy, and dirty. I do not guaranty they are usable, repeat I do not guaranty these are usable.
See pics. See the ones with the galling, the one you get will look similar maybe not as bad, maybe worse! If that's a problem  for you, and unacceptable, then please don't buy it.  I am offering hand picked best of 5 for appearance. I grab 5 and pick one with least amount of galling/pull marks.
This isn't trench art, but I have it in that category because this item can be turned into art.

I don't clean out the grease in the barrel. I do not guaranty the bore condition in anyway!
These have pull marks,and galling from being pulled out of trunnion.  repeat. These have pull marks,and galling from being pulled out of trunnion.
Some of  the galling is more severe more severe than others. Some the galling goes to end and  may need to be fixed, and or may not be able to be fixed. I dont build AK's.
IF you need a guaranty these barrels will work, do not buy this barrel!!! I do not guaranty these barrels are usable.

If you don't want a barrel with galling, don't buy this barrel, unless you pick the Hand select option. The hand select, I sort out the ones, with less galling to no galling, but still no guaranty its usable.

My supplier of these barrels told me they did bullet tests on all barrels and they passed. That does not mean they will pass the next time, when you consider they are filled with grease, grime, maybe rust.  I tested all of them. Some failed when I did the bullet test. I am no trained expert on the validity of a  bullet test on a dirty barrel. Hit and miss at best, is my guess.
The barrels that fail, I don't sell unless I describe them as failing that test and put them under a different SKU. Maybe they can be used as a lamp post or some artsy fartsy thing.

When I do a bullet test I take a live round and push into barrel muzzle, if case hits the barrel it fails, if not it passes. It doesn't have to be a large gap to pass. If it doesn't hit barrel and I can see copper jacket, it passes. Oh, I am not advising people without proper training to do bullet tests.
That doesn't mean it will pass when you do it, or after you spend a 1/2 hour cleaning the bore, it could fail if there was rust, or whatever, that could possibly be preventing the bullet from going in further and failing the test.

**** FYI. I have Very serious cervical spine issues, and packing these barrels is very physically difficult for me. It forces me to bend my neck, which I cannot do very much, so I am almost at the point I can't even ship them. That is the reason for price increase, and prices may go up more. It takes me 5 times as long to fill an order with a greasy Yugo barrel than other orders.
These barrels have scuff marks by barrel pin, likely caused when pressed in or out. If you get hand picked I will pick one that doesn't  have that, or very little . Please refer to pics. Again, no gauranty these barrels are usable.

 These barrels will have pull marks from demilling. Sometimes its minimal, sometimes it's some serious galling and or gouging..  The pull marks generally start right behind  barrel pin cut out and go to the end of the barrel, the chamber end about an inch. Some times it messes up the end, and will need to be fixed.They should be reusable, but that is just my opinion based on waht people tell me, but no guaranty it will be. but I can't guaranty that.  If this is an issue with you,You must select hand select/picked option which will have zero to minimum pull marks.  Even then, no guaranty the barrel will be usable.

I do not guaranty the rifling, condition, or if the barrels are even reusable! Sold as is!
All sales are final, sold as is condition, no refunds, returns, exchanges.

These barrels come fro demilled machineguns. I have no idea if  this barrel will fit your trunnion and line up or not, with the parts you have, if it can be fitted or not. No guaranty.

Here is my suppliers description, or part of it anyway.

Yugo M70AB2 7.62x39mm Barrel - Used
  • 7.62x39mm
  • Yugo take-off barrels from parts kits
  • These are original Yugoslavian-made barrels
  • Not 922(r) compliant


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