Yugoslavian M70 complete milled bolt, AK-47 7.62X39 flat double stack

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Yugoslavian M70 complete milled bolt, AK-47 7.62X39
Part Number: 3956
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Complete Ak-47 Bolt used taken from Milled  Yugoslavian M70  Ak. 7.62X39
This item consists of one used complete bolt from a milled  yugo AK.double stack
This Quality Milled AK-47 bolt should fit various AK-47 & AKM firearms. When replacing any bolt, may require some fitting,and checking/adjusting for proper headspacing.
Complete yugo milled bolts are hard to find, and I think I am the cheapest online seller,and maybe the only one who has complete milled yugo bolts in verygood condition.
This is your chance for an original Milled M70 yugo compete bolt  at a verygood price.
These Yugo Bolts fit various AKM rifles I have in my shop. Always check for proper headspacing before shooting.
Sold as is. they are in verygood  overall condition , They just need a verygood cleaning before use.

Parts must be inspected and tested by a qualified and competent gunsmith, or armorer before use in a firearm.

Not all firearm parts are interchangeable. Use of surplus parts without proper knowledge, and/or installation, could cause a firearm to malfunction and cause property damage, injury or death.

Before any firearm is test fired, it needs to be checked for proper headspace by a competent gunsmith.

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