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Yugoslavian  AK47  M64  Steel 30rd Magazine  7.62X39, Good condition
Yugoslavian AK47 M64 Steel 30rd Magazine 7.62X39, Good condition

Yugoslavian AK47 M64 Steel 30rd Magazine 7.62X39, Good condition

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One used AK47 M64 Yugoslavian Surplus 7.62X39, 30 rd Yugoslavian magazine good condition. ( You don't see these everyday.)
This particular version of the yugo AK mag, the follower has a drain hole and there is a cut out/ notch part right next to it. I have never seen these before. The followers on these aren't the same as the newer ones, but they do hold the bolt back on a M64. These are sold as is. I am pretty sure its designed for the M64. Sold as is. overall good to verygood condition. I picked the worst ones for pics

These mags fit my milled and stamped yugo M70's and paps. They fit fine in most cases, however (be aware) these m64 mags, do not have flat back bolt hold open follower. it operates internally. So if you put m64 mags in your m70, they will likely run fine to a point,  until last round which will fire fine, but on last round, since  follower is not flat  to hold bolt open, it will likely gouge into the follower. It may hold it open some of the time, but its a mag designed for a different model firearm. Sold as is
This item consists of one complete  magazine in overall good condition. There will be a lot of finish wear, packed in grease,, some have rust, but overall good condition.

You have a choice to order magazine that has that notch/ cut out portion or the style that doesn't have that.

I have 3 styles of Yugo Ak mags. They all work in my milled and stamped yugo M7-'s fine, and they all hold the bolt open on last round.

I have sold thousands of Yugo AK mags and this is the first time I have seen these mags.

Here is how Century Arms grades good condition. sold as is condition.
If you  look at the pictures, you will notice they vary in condition, from good to verygood.
the verygood will still have bits of rust here and there.
I am offering options on these based on condition


25-50% blue remaining, stocks marred (several dings in wood) bores slightly worn and dark, no corrosion that will interfere with proper functioning. Complete and in working condition.

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