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Yugo AK Magazine spring, follower & base plate
Yugo AK Magazine spring, follower & base plate

Yugo AK Magazine spring, follower & base plate

Retail Price: $25.00
Part Number: 5572
Availability: In Stock.
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This item consists of the following 3 used Yugo Ak magazine parts.
1. Yugo Ak magazine spring. 1 Yugo AK magazine  bolt hold open follower, and 1 Yugo AK Base plate. (not the floor plate!) The part that connects to the spring and locks into the floor plate. Floor plate is not included in this item. Sold as is.
Good to overall verygood used condition. Will be greasy, likely very greasy. May have some rust. Overall good to very good surplus used condition.
If you buy more than one of these, they could get a bit tangled together during shipping, so be careful and take your time unpacking. I will try and pack them so they dont get tangled  by separating them with kraft paper.
FYI an AK magazine spring itself takes up about as much room as  several assembled AK mags. They are kidn of a pain in the butt to deal with, so be careful not to poke your eye out!

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