Universal 2-cell Pistol Mag Pouch For GLock Mags

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Universal 2-cell Pistol Mag Pouch Fits GLock Mags
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Universal 2-cell Pistol Mag Pouch


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  • 1 2-cell Pouch
  • Holds hi-cap pistol mags (9mm/40/45) I can't guaranty which mags it will fit,a nd which ones it wont fit. It should fit most standard sized high capacity magazines.
  • It isn't designed for the extended Mags, or drum magazines.
  • Nylon
  • Fits 2.25" belts
  • Holds 2 mags
  • Magazines not included
  • Packaging says  its made for Glock 17/19 Pouch.
  • This is  a well made pouch and a really good value.
The picture is an example of what the mag puch looks like with magazines inside it. That's my shop carry gun

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