Tiger Rock Inc.Mosin Nagant trigger kit

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Tiger Rock Inc.Mosin Nagant trigger kit
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Tiger Rock Inc.Mosin Nagant trigger kit.


This kit is for Mosin Nagant rifles it is used to modify the trigger so that the trigger pull is lighter and the trigger travel is shorter.
A shorter and lighter trigger pull results in better accuracy.
This kit is superior to all others offered for the Mosin Nagant rifles because the spring in this kit is a brand new design that shortens the trigger instead of turning it into a longer heavier two stage style trigger like all other trigger return springs offered for the Mosin Nagant rifles.
This kit requires no permanent mods to the weapon

To Install:  

Remove receiver from stock
Remove sear spring retaining screw
Insert sear spring shim
Insert sear spring retaining screw and tighten
Push trigger retaining pin out until flush with inside of trigger
Insert trigger return spring inside of trigger cavity
Push trigger retaining pin back in through the center of trigger return spring
Reassemble rifle


Mosin Nagant M91/30,M38,M44, Chinese type 53

Most other variants with the standard trigger assembly

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