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Surplus AK  AKM47 AK47 front sight block with post
Surplus AK AKM47 AK47 front sight block with post

Surplus AK AKM47 AK47 front sight block with post

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Retail Price:$40.00
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Surplus AKM front sight block with post
Part Number: 4286
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This item consists of one used  surplus AKM front sight block with front sight posts installed. over all good condition. These will have wear from use but overall good  condition.
Doesn't include pins. I don' have enough pins to go around.

I have 3 styles to choose from. 1. flat, 2, has rectangle milled out, 3.hard to describe, it has more milled out, very rare
**** Please note these are used, and its very common for front sight to be dented. Most of the parts kits imported these days are battle field pick ups. Sold as is. expect lots of finish where and possibly dented. I dont guaranty parts are reusable
FYI, Some of these, I noticed the front sights are missing or broken off. I try and weed those out, but no guaranty. If the front sight is missing or broke off, I wont send a replacement.
I cant guaranty country of origin, because many of the Eastern European small AK parts, look identical, and these parts came from various AKM parts kits. These will likely be a mix of Romanian, Polish, and Hungarian.
An AKM is a variation of the Ak-47. Not all Ak parts are interchangeable with every variant.

I noticed 3 styles of AK front sight block assemblies. 1. Flat, 2. not flat has long vertical rectangle slightly cut out,  3. This one is rare, it has a deeper portion cut out, or milled out.
I have pictures of front and back of all 3 styles.
** You don't get to pick which style you get. You will most likely get style one or 2, but no guarantee which style you get. Sold as is, no refunds or returns.**

As with all replacement parts, surplus Parts must be inspected and tested by a qualified and competent gunsmith, or armorer before use in a firearm.

Not all firearm parts are interchangeable. Use of surplus parts without proper knowledge, and/or installation, could cause a firearm to malfunction and cause property damage, injury or death.

Before any firearm is test fired, it needs to be checked for proper headspace by a competent gunsmith.

922R rules apply. All surplus parts are sold as is, no refunds or returns. All parts are intended for legal use in semi automatic firearms

All parts are sold with the intent to be used as replacement parts for legal semi automatic firearms.

Lee’s Mags assumes no liability and extends no warranty for the safe function of replacement parts.

All Sales are final. No refunds or returns. All parts are sold in as is condition. IF the part is new,  please refer to manufacture for warranty issues.

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