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Russian factory 188 440 rd can  7.62X54R SILVER TIP 148gr FMJ
440 rd can 7.62X54R Silver tip 148gr FMJ Russian, Factory 188

Russian factory 188 440 rd can 7.62X54R SILVER TIP 148gr FMJ

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Hard to find,  440 rd can 7.62X54R Silver tip 148gr FMJ . Russian made by factory 188. *** This is the highly collectible silver tip ammo.*** Please don't confuse it with the  non silver tip ammo.**** This stuff hasn't been made since the 1970's.
My costs for Shipping UPS has gone way up. I ship ammo with adult signature and insurance and that alone costa bout $15 for a case of ammo, and the another $50 for the shipping, for  total price of my cost being around $65 to ship  acase of ammo.
Its going up almsot everytime I ship a csae of ammo.
I also have some yellow tip heavy ball available. I do not think the heavy ball ammo is steel core. I think the yellow tip heavy ball works better to cycle the old SVT semi autos.
Item consists of 1 unopened can of 440 rounds. Can opener NOT included. This ammo has the corrosive primers.  This is collectors ammo, and this silver tip is no longer made. There is likely cheaper shooting ammo available.
This will be either Russian, Bulgarian, or maybe some other country of origin. NO guaranty which. Sold as is.
FYI: the non silver tip newer ammo, is generally a lot cheaper. IMO, This more a of a collectors ammo based on price an availability.
I call it collectors ammo, because if you have a nice Mosin Nagant on display, it looks cool to have some Silver tip, Yellow tip, and whatever other colors you can get your hands on as part of the display.  An unopened Can of silver tip ammo, does bring good collectors value to a Mosin Nagant collection. An unopened crate, even better. 

If you can still find this silver tip ammo cheap, buy it!
I can't get this ammo anymore!  I haven't seen this silver tip ammo imported in years. Get it while you can.
If you collect Russian 91/30 Mosin Nagants, having a can or 2 of this will add significant value to your collection.
I do not have much of this and I can't get anymore.

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