Russian Mosin Nagant 7.62X54 Rifle 91/30 Hex tula Matching serial numbers including bayonet Rare

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Russian Mosin Nagant 7.62X54 Rifle Arsenal refinished Matching serial numbers includnig bayonet
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Very rare, Hex Tula, Dragoon Era Mosin Nagant, with all matching serial numbers in excellent condition, arsenal refinished!
Used surplus TULA Russian Mosin Nagant 7.62X54R Rifle. Arsenal refinished.  Matching serial numbers, including bayonet.Imported by Century Arms International.
These are  the very rare Hex receiver Tulas, with the CCCP marking on the receiver.  All  made in the 1920's..
The rifle you will receive will be a Hex Tula with the CCCP markings and matching serial numbers. Some numbers may be force matched during the arsenal refinish. 

 This batch has rare, matching serial numbers on the bayonets and arsenal refinished.  Underneath the grease is a refinished rifle. the stocks have scuff marks, but the guns are arsenal refinished and dipped in cosmolene. I took the stock off one to look for rust,and  Didnt see any, just grease. The bayonets on these came pushed on the barrels backwards to keep the correct serial numbers matching. None of these that I have seen have been counter bored.

These are already hand picked and graded by the importer as Excellent grade, Hex tulas, etc, etc. they are all pretty much the same.
If you want me to hand pick what I think is the best out of 5, I will do that for an extra $20

Imported by Century Arms. These are all packed in Heavy cosmolene. ** Century Arms also told me they aren't aware of any future shipments of these!*** Get them while you can.
Century Arms grades these as Excellent.

They come with bayonet, sling, ammo pouch, cleaning rod attached to rifle.

The picture is just an example, the one you actually get will  have different dings, nics,and scratches. These are all used surplus, and will have nics,scratches dent dings,and signs of years of use. They have been arsenal refinished, but they are still used surplus.  The importer grades these as excellent condition.

This rifle is a  used surplus rifle  sold as is condition, no refunds, returns, No warranty. This is a collectors rifle, and needs to be inspected by a competent gunsmith prior to shooting, and cleaned and lubed properly before shooting.. All matching numbers including the bayonet, is very rare. A few do have force matched serial numbers.

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