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Romanian Model 63 AK wood stock set with forward grip Dong

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Retail Price: $199.99
Part Number: 4955
Availability: In Stock.
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One uses model 63 AK wood stock set in beat up used condition. Sold as is.
Includes upper handguard and gas tube. Upper handguard will likely be cracked, maybe  cracked in half.
Sold as is condition.  These are sold as is condition. these are beat up and used, no guaranties whatsoever.
I have no idea if these stock sets came form same firearms or not. Some probably did, and some probably did not.
Overall these are in good condition, but some parts may be a bit buggered up, but overall I grade the entire stock set as good.
****FYI: I know one importer who has imported some Romanian AK parts kits this year. Very few. So, price is based on supply and demand. The only way you can get these stock sets, is if someone has those parts left over, buy a parts kit from the importer, or get import permits and go to Romanian get them yourself.  Surplus is drying up and going way up in price. If you want original used surplus ak parts, pretty soon its going to be way  more expensive than new US made.****

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