Romanian AK Unfinished Handguard Set

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Romanian AK47 wood handguard set
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This item consists of one  used surplus Romanian upper and one lower handguard.  They do not come from the same rifle
 The lower handguard is laminated, upper hand guard is solid. Sold as is. These are in good shape as pictured.Please note the last picture is a refinished one with a stock that a customer sent in, showing what they  can look like refinished. This item does not include the stock and these are unfinished.
FYI: Not all AK rifles that have laminated lower handguards, have laminated upper handguards. Some do some have solid wood upper handguards.  I dont know for sure, but I have had polish laminated lower handguards with laminated upper handguards, but with romanians, I think mostly solid upper handguards. However, I could be wrong.

All parts sold as is, no refunds and/or returns. the lower handguards will have a mounting hole. If you want one without that mounting hole its $5 extra/each. So you have 2 options. 1 with the mounting hole,and the one that doesn't have a mounting hole, it has a clip
There is no guaranty the lower and upper handguards are from the same country of origin. However I am think they are all Romanian. that is what they look like,and that is what the importer says they are.

These are imported parts not 922r compliant.

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