Polish Bakelite AK pistol Grip Orangish/Red color very good

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Polish Bakelite AK pistol Grip- light color very good
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This item consists of one used surplus Polish Ak bakelite pistol grip, similar to one in picture.   verygood overall used surplus condition. these do vary from box to box. so the ones you get may be a different shade or pattern then ones in picture
These orangish red ones are more desireable and bring more money.
*** Bakelite identification. I am pretty sure if the diamond pattern faces inside and grip is narrow style its Romanian, and if diamond pattern faces outside and  grip is wider its Polish.** Not a 100% guaranty, but I think its correct.
these will show some wear from use, some light nics scratches, dings, but overall verygood condition.

 Sold as is, no refunds returns or exchanges. Many of these have a faded circle stamp on the side saying"WJK" or something like that, other than that, hard to identify, other than the color.
The color on these tend to be redish orangish, see pictures.  Every bakelite grip has its own unique pattern and bakelite varies in color and shade, it seems from batch to batch.

 If you want me to hand pick what I think looks the best out of 5, I do that for $5. I will pull 5 out onto floor and look at them and pick the one I like the best and that is the one you get, if you pick that hand pick option.
*** Please note, the bakelite pattern varies on these, and each one has its own unique pattern. Some are a bit more solid, some have more of a marbled type pattern.*** If you want the best looking ones that I see, then you need to select the hand picked option..
**Tip*** Bakelite can be cleaned up easily! Simple green and 0000 Steel wool can take old almost black bakelite grips and make them look about NEW.  Some bakelite seems to soak up oil, grease, gunpowder more than others and turns a lot of bakelite almost black. I have restored hundreds of almost black bakelite grips, that turned out to be real nice underneath.
I do sell some bakelite grips I call restored that I cleaned up.

As with all replacement parts, surplus Parts must be inspected and tested by a qualified and competent gunsmith, or armorer before use in a firearm.

Not all firearm parts are interchangeable. Use of surplus parts without proper knowledge, and/or installation, could cause a firearm to malfunction and cause property damage, injury or death.

Before any firearm is test fired, it needs to be checked for proper headspace by a competent gunsmith.

922R rules apply. All surplus parts are sold as is, no refunds or returns.

All parts are sold with the intent to be used as replacement parts for legal firearms.

Lee’s Mags assumes no liability and extends no warranty for the safe function of replacement parts.

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