Polish AK Side folding stock

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Polish AK-47/74 Side Folding Stock.

This item includes one folding stock and 2 screws, and nothing else. It does not include, the sling plate, sling, or the gun. lol
Description information came from my supplier. I am not sure what model this side folder was designed for.

Specifications includes one right side folding stock with  screws.

. They are compatible with the WASR 10 since both have a tang trunnion. They look new and include the 2stock tang screws.
  • Right side-folding steel stock.
  • Fits AK-47/74
  • Fits standard two-screw tang trunnion
  • Screws  are included
  • Not sure if these are New or used surplus parts. With all metal surplus parts, there is a  possibility of some rust, but so far, haven't seen any rust on these.

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