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Polish AK Bakelite Pistol grip cleaned orangish red.
Polish AK Bakelite Pistol grip cleaned orangish red.

Polish AK Bakelite Pistol grip cleaned orangish red.

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One surplus used Polish AK pistol grip.
I gave a  basic cleaning to these and wiped them with CLP. Not a perfect restoration by any means.
I sorted these out as orangish red, redish orange. Condition, color, shade and pattern vary. Sold as is.
Some more on orangish side, some more on redish side. No guaranty which you will get
They are mostly good to verygood condition.

Please wipe off excess oil.
These are graded good to very good so expect some wear on grip pattern, nics scratches and scuff marks.
Verygood grading means 80% finish remaining if it wasa firearm barrel as an example for grading. Please remember these are used military plastic/ bakelite grips, in good to verygood condition.
Please note its a basic cleaning not detailed, grease grime and Gun powder residue fills in scratches and scuff marks leaving black marks. My cleaning does not remove those.
You can give these a detailed cleaning and refinish them, restore them however  you want.
Please note when I took the pictures I just took a picture of an entire batch. I didnt put the best ones on top and hide the ones with more scuff marks like the butcher does with hamburger in plastic tubes.
Look at all the pics.  I took some pics with some with some obvious scuff marks, but still they are in good to  verygood condition.
Here is a quick grading. New, Like New, excellent, verygood, good, fair, poor, incomplete, cracked, fixer upper.
These fall in the good to verygood. If you want a hand picked one, then I suggest you pay for it. lol

when I grade, I try and factor in overall grading. so one aspect the item may be very good on high side, but a scuff mark knocks it down to good, depending how serious the scuff mark.
The real small scuff marks can be buffed out to some extent if  you have the time and patience for that sort of thing.  The grease and grime that fills in scuff marks and scratches can be cleaned out, buffed out, then refinished with a protective clear coat to bring out the luster of the bakelite.
I originally ordered 10,000 of these, none  are the same. Im not going to describe each one individually with a DNA sequence, lol.
grading used surplus is not an exact science.  If you want perfection, Please buy new parts from a quality U.S. Manufacture with a good warranty.
I dont offer any guaranties on anything. everything is sold as is, no refunds returns or exchanges.
I describe items the best I can, however surplus varies from part to part, box to box.

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