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This item consists of one used Bakelite AK pistol Grip in over all good to very good condition. these are a mix of grade 2 and grade 3. Color and shade varies. Each bakelite grip has its own unique pattern. I am separating them out the best I can to give you the best options.
I sorted these into 3 categories.
1. Dark colored. these are darker colored, dark redish brown.
2. brownish/ Red.
3.  Orangish/Red  The orangish red ones are more rare and bring more money
FYI, in my opinion, the darker colored ones and the  orangish red, ones tend to look nicer than the brownish red ones.  Sorting these by color shades, isnt an exact science. I sort them the best I can. Sold as is.
I offer Hand picked  best of 5 for an additional cost..
*** Bakelite grip identification. I cant be 100% certain but I am pretty sure Polish bakelite grips, the diamond pattern faces outward,and Romanian Bakelite has narrower grip and diamond patter faces inward.

These are all sold as is. these will have some nics scratches dents and dings, dirt, grease, grime etc. These are all graded about the same, so same general condition, however, if you want to pay the extra $5, you can pay for the hand select where I grab 5 and  I pick the one I think is the best.  Bakelite cleans up nicely with simple green & 0000 steel wool
Some have engravings, initials or names carved in and I call that trench art. That option is available as well, if I have them available.

The grip you get will/may vary in shade and color than ones in pictures. each batch of bakelite, is pretty much unique.


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