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Polish AK Bakelite AK Pistol grip. Pick your style. 3 to choose from
Polish AK Bakelite AK Pistol grip. Pick your style. 3 to choose from

Polish AK Bakelite AK Pistol grip. Pick your style. 3 to choose from

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This item consists of one used Bakelite AK pistol Grip in good overall condition. Expect them to be dirty and need to be cleaned. Color and shade varies. Each bakelite grip has its own unique pattern. I am separating/sorting them out the best I can to give you the  options. They all have some scuff marks from years of service,and some have nicer coloring than others. None seem to be identical.
The grips you will receive have not been cleaned. the ones in pics may be cleaner or dirtier than you receive.  they need a good cleaning. Most of these can be cleaned and clear coated with a Nice gloss for plastic and look amazing!.
Sorting and grading surplus is not an exact science.

If O had to grade these they are overall in verygood condition, based on how Century arms grades used surplus guns, meaning 80% of finish type of thing puts it in verygood condition.  Some of these are in excellent condition, some good. Some might have some minor scratches, maybe some deepr scrathces, some now any at all.
some may have not any wear on the grip pattern, may have a little, may have a moderate amount. If its wore down bad then, its no longer good to verygood, that would put it down into fair/poor condition.

** This is used surplus sold in as is condition. no refunds or returns, no guarantees of any kind.  you have 3 options, 1,2,3, please don't ask me to offer more options Thank you.
These vary from box to box as far as some are cleaner,some are dirtier, and color and shade varies.
I sorted these into 3 categories.
1.  Orangish/Red/brown, or  sometimes these are more red, or more  orange, like brownish re, reddish brown  . These tend to look nicer and bring more money.
2. redish brown or brownish red. Some look more brown than red,and some look more red than brown, and depending on the light, hard to tell.  So I call them type 2These tend to clean up great! They can look great with a gloss clear coat after a good cleaning.some of these are the nicest bakelite patterns I have ever seen. not all, some  are kind of bland, and some really cool Color and shade varies, so the one you get may have more red, less red, more orange, less orange, more brown, less brown, etc.

3. Darker brownish red. These look great to with a good cleaning and gloss clear coat finish, or wiping down with oil,and wiping off excess oil.
These tend to be more of a solid color. some really dark, some a drake bright red.
each one is different, so its hard to sort them into 3 different piles and give customers good info to know the range of colors, they will likely get.

  Sorting these by color shades, isn't an exact science. I sort them the best I can. Sold as is.

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