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Original Looking AKM slotted wood stock butt plate or sling swivel screw

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Original Looking AKM slotted wood stock butt plate or sling swivel screw. I call these original looking because its almost impossible to find slotted screws with a  black finish that match up good with Ak butt stock hardware.
This item was made in Taiwan. This item consists of one screw. Pick the one you need. The reason why these screws are so darn expensive,is I have to remove them from a brand new laminated wood stock set, to get these screws. I have screws that will work for 25 cents each I bought at The hardware store. part number 4607. These are slotted,and most new ones are phillips. These have rounded top, which looks original too.

I can't find original surplus wood stock screws. If you know where I can buy large lots of them, please let me know! I can't even find a manufacture to replicate original screws.

OK, 2 types  of screws here. 1 is a butt plate screw for wood stock a tad over 3/4" long, and 2, is sling swivel screw for wood stock, a tad over 1/2" long.

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