Ordering & Shipping Policies.
You must be 21 Years old or older to make a purchase from Lee's Mags!
Lee's Mags only ships in the lower 48 States in the USA. NO orders outside the USA.

Lee's Mags charges sales taxes for all States that charge sales taxes for online sales. If you are a business and you want to create a tax exempt account, please email me a info@leesmags.com and I will set your account as tax exempt.
Once you place an order, it cannot be changed, or cancelled, so make sure you check your order and make sure its  correct before you place the order. You cannot add to an order after it is placed.

Ordering Policy: It is your responsibility to know your own State and local laws. Please, do not buy any of my products if it is not legal for you to own them or have them shipped to your location.. By placing an order with Lee's mags, you agree to  ALL of my policies and procedures, and that your purchase is lawful,and that no laws prohibit you from this purchase!  

Please make sure you are committed to your purchase BEFORE completing the order. It is customers responsibility to know what item it is they need. Lee's Mags LLC is not Responsible, if you order the wrong item.  Lee's Mags does not accept returns if you order the wrong item, so make sure you order the correct item you need. ORDERS cannot be modified or cancelled after being placed

Please make sure you are aware of all applicable laws that apply to the items you purchase from Lee's Mags.

Just because its legal for me to sell an item, doesn't mean its legal to install on your firearm!!!!

Its your responsibility to know and follow all applicable Local, State and federal Laws, including but not limited to the NFA Act & 922R.

If you place an order, you should receive it within 7 business days. I am not set up, to automatically send tracking numbers.

Orders cannot be modified, changed, added to, cancelled or altered once placed by the customer.

Lee's Mags reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason.

Lee's Mags is not a warranty repair facility for any manufacture. If you have a warranty issue, you must contact the manufacture directly.

All Sales are final. All Items sold at Lee's Mags are sold in as is condition, no refunds, returns, replacements, or exchange.  

 Everything I sell on my website is sold in AS IS condition, no refunds or returns. On new products, please refer to manufacture for warranty information. FYI; many imported new parts do not have warranties, so keep that in mind. Some do, some don't. All warranty issues must be handled directly with manufacture. Lee's Mags is not a warranty or repair facility.

Its the customers responsibility to inspect order immediately when its opened. Customer has 5 days after order is received to report any issues.
If a used item you received from me has a defect that I didn’t see, if I sent wrong item,  you can return it  at your expense,etc,etc, within 5 days of receiving delivery. Email me at info@leesmags.com. If item is  New, then you need to contact manufacture directly.  I wont reimburse you for return shipping. Just email me and explain the situation. I will refund your card for the returned item(return must be authorized by Me prior to shipping it back to me), but I wont send replacement. Shipping cost is likely more than the cost of the part.

POLICY for mistakes on an order. IF Lee's Mags makes a mistake on your order, and sends you the wrong part, wrong color, or forgets to send the part, I offer 2 options as to how its handled.
I offer 2 options when I screw up an order. Lee's Mags gets to make final  decision as to which option will be used.

Option 1. I will give a refund, if you send it back at your expense, and after the item is returned in same condition. I wont be sending out the correct item. IF you don't like this, I have option 2. Lee gets to decide which option is ultimately used. 

Option 2. I can send you out the correct item on your next order, if you email me before your next order, the order number and item I owe you,and I will include it on your next order. You must contact me immediately, if you see an error on your order.  IF I send out the wrong item, Lee's Mags gets to decide which option is used and ultimately how the issue is resolved. The next order needs to be placed within 30 days, due to possibility of running out of inventory, etc, etc.

I describe all items both new and used the best I can, I grade, & sort them as to the condition that item is in. I can't always identify origin of every part and sometimes, I get it wrong. There is a certain amount of risk buying  Surplus gun parts and used gun parts. Its impossible to tell by looking at it, exactly  when, where a part was made, and what model it came from. Its impossible to see every dent, ding,crack, worn out, broken or missing part, under dirt and grease, inside packages, etc. Everything I sell is sold in as is condition, no refunds, returns or exchanges.

I spend a lot of time sorting, grading and describing products the best I can. I take pictures so you can see an example of what you are buying. The pictures are just examples, Colors, finish and condition can vary from box to box.So the item in pictures may look different than item you receive. Please read item descriptions for accurate description of item you are looking at.

Selling used surplus is not an exact science. Items can vary from box to box, in color, finish,  condition etc ect. I do describe condition the best I can. New and Like New, should look just like that, however many imported items are not coated in oil and even new parts can have rust. I see it everyday. If I notice rust on a particular product and its consistent, I will note it on the description.

Grading items, grade 1 New and like new, will show very little wear from use. may be packed in grease and need to be cleaned  Grade 2 Verygood to excellent, will show some wear from use, some nics and scratches, maybe some light rust. May be packed in grease, dirty and need to be cleaned. Grade 3  Good to verygood condition will show significant wear from years of use, expect scratches nics, dents dings, and some rust. May be packed in grease, dirty and  need to be cleaned Also grade 4, fair/poor/ incomplete will need some work to operate properly, amy be missing or have broken parts.

I do not accept returns, give refunds, or send replacements, for misidentified parts, missing or broken parts, etc. If You order 10 of something,and I screw up and send you 9, I will refund you for the one missing item. I am not going to send you out the one missing item, its just not worth it.  Most bulk items are weighed by weight, and there is a possibility of getting a couple more, or missing a couple. That is just the way it is when counting based on weight. If I screw up your order and short you something by mistake, I will refund you for that part, or send you that part on your next order, whichever you prefer.
If I make a mistake on your order, and forget to put in an item, I will refund you for that item, or send it to you on the next order. I won't be sending out a Replacement.

For Firearms Purchasing instructions, Please use link on bottom of page. Thank You!


Lee's Mags will only Ship  products to locations inside the USA where they're legal. Absolutely NO shipments of any of my products outside the USA!

SHIPPING POLICY: Shipping will be calculated during checkout.The Base shipping Fee for Mags are $8.99, plus $1per mag, part, or accessory.  I ship USPS priority mail for most orders. Ammunition will ship either UPS or Fed-ex at shippers discretion. Ammunition cannot ship to  a PO BOX!  ***
Shipping Fee: My Base fee is $8.99, plus $1 per magazine or item. Some items its less than $1, some more, it depends on the size and other factors..  I ship mostly USPS priority mail in flat rate boxes/padded envelopes.
It costs more for shipping Firearms,ammo, upper assemblies,rifle stocks, and surplus parts. The rate will be calculated during checkout. Oversized mags cost more to ship and will be calculated during checkout.Large item,s like stocks and bayonets, I charge a $5/each markup for handling. Some small items such as gun parts, like springs and pins, I dont have any markup, because they are so small, hundreds can fit in a small flat rate padded envelope.  If you have any questions about my shipping charges, please email me at info@leesmags.com Typically, firearms shipping rates vary from $25-$50 to the lower 48 States.

You can calculate shipping cost anytime during checkout. just add item(s) to cart, then click calculate shipping, then bingo, it tells you the shipping cost. totally painless.
My business model is based around being ran by one person, me. So, the way I do things will be different than any business with employees to some extent.

If you want to buy in bulk, its best to buy bulk packs, most of the time. Some products I limit the quanity  of how many you can buy.

Inventory: All my Mags, parts, Ammo and accessories are in stock and ready to ship from my warehouse or distributors warehouse, unless otherwise specified.
All my ammo is  shipped to you from myself, distributors or manufactures.

If you place an order, you should receive it within 7 business days. I am not set up, to automatically send tracking numbers.
****** Sales taxes... Lee's Mags is now connected to the "Tax Cloud". The tax Cloud is connected to 24 States that pay Tax Cloud to collect Sales taxes for their State. Its automatic. Its a free service I pay for, and I have to pay to connect it to my 3dcart ecommerce platform.  I do not control what tax rates are charged, its determined by the State.  Due to a recent Supreme Court Decision  forcing online sellers to charge sales taxes, I have decided to comply and sign up to this program.

Purchasing Ammunition

All ammunition buyers must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age and a US Citizen
  • Never have been convicted of a felony or crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year
  • Never been adjudicated as mentally defective or been committed to a mental institution
  • Never have been a fugitive from justice, an unlawful user of any controlled substance
  • Have not been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces
  • Never have renounced his or her US citizenship
  • Have not been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence;
  • Never have been subject to a court order that restrains the person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or child
  • Lee's Mags does not process  firearm or ammo orders to AK, CA,HI, or DC.
  • Ammunition Restrictions!
  • Ammunition orders: You must be 21 years old or older to purchase ammunition from Lee's mags. I do not ship ammunition to any States with ammunition restrictions! If you don't know the laws, then don't buy! No shipping laws prohibits ammunition sales and/or shipments! Shipping rates will be calculated during checkout. Ammunition will be shipped UPS ground or Fed-Ex depending on whether it ships from my warehouse, or drop ships form distributor or manufacture. large orders will ship out by whatever carrier my manufacture uses. Large orders will likely ship out on a pallet.
  •  IF you are a FFL dealer and or have appropriate permits, and are getting your orders blocked, please email me,and I will work something out, so you can legally place an order.

    • I ship some of my ammo out of my warehouse UPS. Some of my ammo ships out Directly from the manufacture or my distributor directly to my customer. That is called drop shipping. Drop ship orders will ship out UPS or Fed-ex ,depending on the Drop shippers policies. I don't control that.

    MAGAZINE RESTRICTIONS! There are currently no federal restrictions on the sale of high capacity magazines, but several states do have their own restrictions. Lee's Mags will not ship restricted items to restricted locations! The only exceptions are Law Enforcement and those with permits. Please read below.

    California: No magazines over 10 rounds will be shipped to customers with billing and or shipping addresses in CA except to law enforcement or customers with high capacity magazine permit. LE credentials or other appropriate documentation should be emailed to info@leesmags.com  before placing an order.If not your order will be cancelled.

    Colorado: No magazines over 15 rounds will be shipped to customers with billing and or shipping addresses in CO.

    Connecticut: No magazines over 10 rounds will be shipped to customers with billing and or shipping addresses in CT.

    District of Columbia: No magazines over 10 rounds capacity will be shipped to customers with billing and or shipping addresses in DC.

    Hawaii: No handgun magazines over 10 rounds will be shipped to customers with billing and or shipping addresses in HI. Rifle magazines are ok.

    Maryland: No magazines over 10 rounds will be shipped to customers with billing and or shipping addresses in MD.

    Massachusetts: No magazines over 10 rounds will be shipped to customers with billing and or shipping addresses in MA.

    New Jersey: No magazines over 15 rounds will be shipped to customers with billing and or shipping addresses in NJ.

    New York: No magazines over 10 rounds will be shipped to customers with billing and or shipping addresses in NY.

    I will ship magazines to law enforcement and those with permits as long as it is legal, and the proper paperwork and/or credentials are given to me prior to placing the order. You must provide me your Law enforcement credentials and or permit/ FFL before placing the order.Please email me your credentials @ info@leesmags.com.

    I ship all firearms insured. Long guns will ship UPS ground and handguns will ship USPS priority mail or UPS. I reserve the right to choose which shipping method.

    Lee's Mags is a one horse rodeo, and I am the one horse. That means I work by myself. If you place an order with me you can be confident you will receive your order within 7 business days. If you don't receive your order within 7 business days, I will be happy to track your package, but please wait 7 business days before emailing me for tracking info.

    If you want a hassle free transaction and fast shipping,, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! If it's not on my website, I don't have it. Please use the search bar on top of page, if you have difficulty finding something.