Nice Romanian Bakelite AKM Pistol grip

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One used surplus Romanian AKM Bakelite pistol grip in overall  good to verygood condition. These do wear from use and some scuff marks, but the color patter is kind of a orangish brown pattern that looks kind of cool.
I offer hand picked best of 5 for an additional $5.
These are the nicest Romanian Bakelite Grips I have come across. Some have some dirt and grime that didn' come off with a basic cleaning, but a deep clean job and that should be able to be removed.
These came from a  batch of 1992 Romanian PM 90 side folders. Bakelite is pretty much banned from manufacturing anymore around the world and Bakelite pistol grips are becoming a collectors item.
These will likely be dirty and greasy and need a good cleaning
Sold as is.  The one you receive will be similar to ones in the picture. These are all orangish red in color.
the difference between Romanian and Polish Bakelite pistol grips is the Polish grips have an outward diamond grid pattern and the Romanian the grid pattern is inward. The polish feel rough,a dn the Romanian feel more smooth.

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