Nice Polish Bakelite AKM Pistol grip Orangish Red

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One Polish Bakelite AKM Pistol grip.Overall very-good condition.

I hand picked the best Orangish Red ones with  noticeable patterns in the bakelite, out of a box of 100.
The bakelite pattern varies, and none are identical as far as I can tell. The ones that catch my eye, having  a nice pattern in the bakelite, I put to the side, and am offering them for sale here.

Sold as is condition.
The one you get will be similar to one in the picture. None are identical,so please be aware of that.
I offer a hand picked option, whereas,  I will grab 5 and pick the one I think is the nicest, for an additional $5.
Some of these have grease and dirt, and need to be cleaned. The main things I look for when sorting these is condition,& bakelite pattern. IF they have some grease and dirt, I figure that can be cleaned off. It's the scratches in the grid pattern that I am more concerned with. There will be some minor nics and scratches.

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