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New Yugoslavian SKS 7.62X39 Rifle.
New Yugoslavian SKS 7.62X39 Rifle.

New Yugoslavian SKS 7.62X39 Rifle.

Retail Price: $1,500.00
Retail Price:$2,500.00
You Save:$1,000.00(40%)
Part Number: 3987-2
Availability: In Stock.
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This item consists of One New Yugoslavian SKS rifle. 7.62X39. This is a collectors rifle.
This is pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity. Almost all the yugo SKS rifle imported are used or refurbished, not new like these.
This item is for one SKS rifle. the pictures are examples, you get one rifle. This is a very rare and highly collectible rifle.
These are New Unissued rifles, packed in heavy grease. These are not re-finished, they are NEW. These came in a  full crate of 10 with consecutive serial numbers. You cant find refinished rifles with 10 consecutive serial numbers and signed inspection sheet, which came in the crate.  That should prove these to be New, but I cant guaranty anything 100%. Sold as is, no returns.Inspected 2002 or 2003, its hard to read it.
Sold as is no refunds or returns. I know these aren't cheap. I don't know any distributor that has new yugo sks rifles in stock or and importer that is importing them .Again you are buying one firearm!
This is a very rare item to find Brand New and un-issued.  A used and beat up chinese SKS sells for $500 wholesale right now plus shipping. So a dealer would have to sell it for about $700 to make a decent profit.
If you buy more than one, you get consecutive serial numbers, which is very rare.
You can't compare these to others you see online, because nobody has consecutive serial numbered brand new Yugoslavian SKS rifles in the USA for sale online, except for me that I am aware of for sale.

The stocks have greasy smudge marks on them, but they are new, not used ones with dents dings and scratches covered up with cosmolene. When these are cleaned up, you will have a New Yugo SKS Rifle!
These are sold as is, no refunds or returns. These are packed in heavy grease and need to be cleaned thoroughly and inspected by competent gunsmith before firing.
I bought these from a friend who is also a FFL dealer who bought them from a mutual friend who is also a FFL dealer.
I have the full crate of 10 with consecutive serial numbers. The only time you see a full crate of consecutive serial numbers, They are either used or New, not refinished. I don't see how any arsenal would be able to keep all the serial numbers identical for each firearm, and at the same time have each rifle in consecutive order by serial number. I have the signed inspection sheet that came in the crate. These are New.

I know these are expensive, but I don't know any importer importing NEW Yugo SKS rifles.
I have only seen one crate of new Yugo SKS rifles and I bought the darn thing.
I am no longer buying firearms to sell. I am selling what I have left for the best price I can, if I don't sell them, They will go into my collection, then my estate, and sell at auction to highest bidder.
I am offering something for sale, that I don't know anyone else has, so if you want what I have, this is the price.
the buyer I am looking for is someone who is wealthy, thinks this is cool and buys it. People pay a lot more for paintings I wouldnt pay $20 for, to each his or her own. How often do you see a brand New SKS with a friggen grenade launcher adapter and sights on  You either think its cool and if you have the money, you put it in your man cave, or buy a used one, used are cool too, and  a lot cheaper.

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