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New Pioneer Arms AK-47 factory New replacement Parts Kit no serial numbers
New Pioneer Arms AK-47 factory New replacement Parts Kit no serial numbers

New Pioneer Arms AK-47 factory New replacement Parts Kit no serial numbers

On sale: $499.99 $399.99
Retail Price:$699.99
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Part Number: 4989-kit
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This item consists of One NEW Pioneer Arms AK-47 7.62X39  replacement parts kit. It is not a complete rifle kit.
This kit only contains what it says it contains.

   ** Please note some have the rear sight leaf installed,and some dont. they all have the rear sight leaf, some just are not installed.
I dont know anything more than is in the item description.  I don't know anything other than what is written on the label, and I put everything that is written on the label in this description.
The barrel pin holes are not drilled or started in the trunnion

***This item contains the following new parts:
1- new 16" pioneer arms 7.62X39 barrel with rear sight, front sight, gas block and  lower handguard retainer populated, and a new cleaning rod.
1 Dust cover
1  Gastube with plastic black handguard
1. Plastic  Lower handguard
1 Pioneer arms barrel trunnion. These parts are New Pioneer arms parts. I dont know process of manufacturing, sorry. The barrel trunnion looks to be quality made cast trunnion.. There are tooling marks from machining it, and machining the bullet guide area. It doesnt  require a bullet guide, its machined into it. One end doesnt have a finish,and other end finish is mostly wore off during machining process. (Common) , but kind of sad they dont finish them after finished machine work. They put finish on before finishing the machining process. I don't like that, but it is what it is. A paint job fixes that, or duracoat or whatever you want, or just leave it. I'm just describing the stuff I sell the best I can, so no surprises and false expectations
1 complete bolt
1  bolt carrier with piston installed.
1.plastic pistol grip
1 pistol grip nut
1 pistol grip bolt
1 return spring assembly
That is all that is included. Nothing else. Sold as is no guaranties of any kind whatsoever, including any reason anyone can possibly imagine.  I cant guaranty any parts I sell. I have to take the word of my suppliers. That is how it is. Most of the time I have no clue where the manufacture is located, processes used, etc, et

My supplier says These are Polish Manufacture, made by Pioneer arms, made in Poland,These are Brand New.** These are sold as replacement parts for Pioneer arms semi auto Ak rifles.***
I dont know anything more than is in the item description. So please don't ask any questions, because I don't know anything other than the information provided to me by my supplier.
I cannot guaranty  100% that the information provided to me is accurate. That is just the way it is with imported New Ak parts. I am confident these are Pioneer arms original New semi automatic 7.62X39 AK parts. However these are sold as in condition, all sales are final, no refunds or returns.

This item is specifically  for Replacement parts for  Pioneer Arms semi automatic Rifles.  I make no claims as to what it may or may not fit.

***** Notice: The barrel trunnion, front seems to have a very light finish and  rear side has no finish. I think the finish rubbed off during  machining process. I think finish should of been done afterwords, but I don't know jack about building AK's. see Pics

The trunnion  does not include barrel pin and the barrel pin hole is not drilled.

These seem to be imported with no lubrication. There is a possibility of rust, and nothing I can do about that.

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