Milled AK-47 return Spring assembly

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Milled AK-47 return Spring assembly
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This item consists of one used Milled AK-47 return Spring assembly. I have 2 styles,and I am not sure country of origin or model these come from.
Please pick the one you need. If you only see one type, that means I ran out of stock of the other one. I won't likely get anymore.  There doesn't seem to be any milled AK parts kits coming in, so those parts are getting almost impossible to replace.
*** Please note, These are packed in heavy grease and need to be cleaned to remove grease, rust, etc.
Overall these are good to very-good condition. Sold as is.
the difference between these and the stamped ones  I have is the center are solid pieces, telescoping, and not the wire style. Its more heavy duty for the milled models.
The solid rod design of these assemblies gives you a much smoother charge and recoil in your AK
It should fit stamped receiver models, but no guaranty.These are used surplus, different variations, different origins..  Sold as is. These milled AK return assemblies are very rare and hard to find.

Not all firearm parts are interchangeable. Use of surplus parts without proper knowledge, and/or installation, could cause a firearm to malfunction and cause property damage, injury or death.

Before any firearm is test fired, it needs to be checked for proper headspace by a competent gunsmith.

922R rules apply. All surplus parts are sold as is, no refunds or returns.

All parts are sold with the intent to be used as replacement parts for legal firearms.

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