Lee's Mags buys used AK Parts & SKS parts.
I am always looking for AK parts CHEAP.
I do prefer to buy in bulk.
If you have some used and new Ak parts that you want to get rid of, please email me a complete list with pictures and descriptions, and I will get back to you.

I am especially interested in left over parts from AK parts kits, that Manufactures have sitting around. I like to salvage those parts, and re sell them. Many  of those  pieces and parts, are impossible to find,and my customers need those parts.
If you are a manufacture with a lot of left over parts, I can also try and find you parts you need as well.
I'm interested in all AK parts.

I buy in bulk cheap. I'm not going to pay top dollar for rare parts, hoping to make a couple bucks years down the road.

Email me at info@leesmags.com
Please remember I work alone and run this business by myself. I will return your emails when time allows..If I don't return your email, I missed it, so please send it again.

FYI: When I buy used gun parts I have to assume 1/2 of it is identified wrong, has missing, cracked or broken parts. So whatever price you likely think is fair, cut it in 1/2, lol,  then we might be getting close.
There is  a lot of risk buying used surplus parts without actually looking through all of it and inspecting it, so when I make offers, I have to factor in the time it takes, to sort through it all, Identify it, take pictures, list it, and some of it may be broken, damaged, cracked, or missing parts. I have to assume that all the time.Please keep that in mind. IF you are looking for top dollar for your used AK parts, you are way better off selling it retail yourself, maybe on an auction sight.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Web Page.
Lee J. Lassegard
Lee's Mags LLC
New Underwood, SD 57761