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Hand  Select Yugoslavian M70AB2 7.62x39mm Barrel - Used.  Passed bullet test.
Hand Select Yugoslavian M70AB2 7.62x39mm Barrel - Used. Passed bullet test.

Hand Select Yugoslavian M70AB2 7.62x39mm Barrel - Used. Passed bullet test.

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This item consists of One used Barrel. . No guaranty of bore condition or or barrel condition. sold as is.  There are no guaranties of any kind. These passed bullet test for me,no guaranty after a cleaning they will pass for you. I cant see into greasy bore, I don't inspect the bores at all. Looking into greasy filled bore doesnt show rifling. All I do is the bullet test, which takes about 3 seconds. I stick  a  7.62X39 round in muzzle if it stops and case doesnt hit barrel its a pass. If case hits barrel its a fail.

FYI**** I ship these with insurance, so if its damaged during shipping you must file a claim, not me, you must file a claim with the carrier*****
**** I do not guaranty these barrels in anyway whatsoever. so, if the barrel is bent or bent or damaged during shipping, I am not responsible. All sales are final no refunds or returns. If you cant accept the risks, don't buy this item!
This consists of one barrel I hand selected, which means I pick the one with little to no pull marks, thats it, nothing more than that. I do not guaranty these barrels in anyway. I do not guaranty they are reusable.
These barrels are packed in  grease inside barrel and outside. Most have scuff marks where barrel is pressed in and out, which is common with these. Some don't and those I call hand hand picked or hand select. These are hand select, so they will have minimal to no pull marks/galling.
These have passed a bullet test, but I don't guaranty condition of bore or the barrel in anyway.
I am not aware of any surplus AK barrels being imported anymore, and they no longer come in parts kits. Here's your chance to get an original Yugoslavian M70 Surplus AK barrel.

Yugo M70AB2 7.62x39mm Barrel - Used

  • 7.62x39mm
  • Yugo take-off barrels from parts kits
  • These are original Yugoslavian-made barrels
  • Not 922(r) compliant

However, each barrel has passed a bullet test.

These are used barrels and will likely be dirty and greasy inside and outside the bore. I do not clean them. So they will need a thorough cleaning before use. Expect a lot of finish wear, and I do not guaranty condition of rifling  inside the bore.

A Bullet test is a quick way to  help determine if there is decent rifling left in your Barrel. It's not a guaranty of good rifling. Take a bullet, and insert projectile end into the muzzle of your rifle. If the bullet can go no further and some of the bullet is still visible, it indicates rifling is still strong, but not a guaranty. However, even though I do bullet these these, I don't guaranty bore conditions. Sold as is.

Surplus AK barrels can no longer be imported, and are pretty hard to find.

I dont guaranty these will pas a bullet test when you do it or after you clean the barrel. I hope and expect it will, but no guaranty. Sold as is. I don't guaranty these barrels are reusable, I don't guaranty condition of these barrels in anyway.

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