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HK G3 Aluminum 20 rd .308 Magazine verygood condition grade 2
HK G3 Aluminum 20 rd .308 Magazine verygood condition grade 2

HK G3 Aluminum 20 rd .308 Magazine verygood condition grade 2

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This item consists of one HK G3 Aluminum 20 rd .308 Magazine verygood condition overall condition.
These will have various markings for different countries of origin, month and year made. These are made between the early 1960's to 1990's.

 These mags are mostly between 30-60 years old.
Verygood overall condition, means overall condition is verygood, so the magazine body for example may be Excellent, and floor plate spring and follower good condition, so that brings it down to verygood  overall condition.. The ones in the pictures, the finish on them is  excellent, with very little wear, but you will notice some dings, maybe scratches, maybe a little rust, and wear on the floor plate.  these are on the high side of verygood, but not good enough to be excellent. the ones you get may have more finish wear. The importers grade anything over 80% to be verygood, so 20% of the finish can be gone and importers call that very good. I try and describe them the best I can. keep in mind these mags have been in storage for decades,and packed loose and bounced around the planet. I think most of the dings and scratches came form ,how they were stored, and transported. The corners of the floor plate tend to ding magazine bodies when they pile thousands of them into drywall pallets.
These will have nics, scratches, dents dings,and maybe  some rust. The magazine bodies are aluminum and that pretty much  doesn't rust. The rust usually cleans off fairly easy, or can be painted over. the only parts that get rust are the floor plates, possibly the follower and spring.
Most of these are dirty, greasy and need to be cleaned before using. Most of the followers will have gun powder residue.
Sold as is. No returns.

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