HK G3 20 rd Magazine spring, floorplate, and follower

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Part Number: 4513
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NOT FOR SALE IN CA or any States with magazine capacity restrictions. This item consists of one used HK G3 20rd magazine spring, floor-plate, and follower. Nothing else is included. Not for sale in CA.
I have this item, due to customer requests.  Magazine body not included. I have to dissassemble the magazine, and the spring takes up 3 times the room as 1 mag does, so I charge a lot more for the spring, follower,and floor plate as I do a complete assembled magazine.
These are sold as is. Overall good condition to verygood . there may be some rust on these but overall good to verygood condition.
these come from  20rd aluminum HK G3 magazines, from various countries of origin.
I have to disassemble these, and the spring takes up about 3 times the room in a box as a complete magazine, so it costs more to ship too.

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