HK G3 20 RD Magazine New in the wrapper 308 Magazine
HK G3 20 RD Magazine New in the wrapper 308 Magazine

HK G3 20 RD Magazine New in the wrapper 308 Magazine

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1 HK G3 20 RD Magazine New in the wrapper/package 308.  This item consists of one magazine the photo is just an example

These are New in the wrapper, HK G3 20 rd 308 aluminum magazines. They will be date stamped from the 1960's to the 1980's.

These are rare, to find them New in the Paper wrapper with the markings on it. these are surplus mags around 30 50 years old and are being sold in as is condition, nor refunds or returns.
Some of these, the packaging is ripped.. Some have different packaging. Some have markings on the packaging, some don't.
Some are wrapped in packaging with  writing on it, some wrapped with  other materials.   I assume all are new inside, but occasionally I have seen used ones wrapped up looking like they are NEW. With Surplus, it hard to know whats inside, unless you open it up, and I prefer to leave these unopened. **Packaging varies** Packaging may be paper, plastic or a combination of both, may be sealed, may not be sealed, may have a label, may not have a  label. It varies from mag to mag.

There is no way of knowing if there is any rust on the floor plate or follower, or spring. Most don't have rust that I have opened, but some might. The picture is an example of what to expect.

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