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HK G3  20 RD .308 Mags 6 Pack. Very Rare!
HK G3 20 RD .308 Mags 6 Pack. Very Rare!

HK G3 20 RD .308 Mags 6 Pack. Very Rare!

Retail Price: $250.00
Part Number: 3737
Availability: In Stock.
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This item consists one package that contains 6 magazines sealed in a box and in a plastic wrapper.
The picture shows two packages, because I have two of them and the packaging is different. That's why I am showing two packages,, when you only get one package. 
Sorry, but You don't get to pick which one you will receive. You can buy both if both are still available.
I assume these are new, but I have no way of knowing what is inside. they could be aluminum mags, steel or a mix of both. Sold as is. They could be rusted inside, no way for me to know. Sold as is, no refunds or returns for any reason.
the reason why I say they could be steel or aluminum mags or a mix of both is because of how they are marked, and I don't read German
The package is marked  3 of one part number and 3 of another and I have no idea what that means. You can see the pictures for yourself.
The mags inside could be new, or sued or a mix of both. 
I have sold tens of thousnads of HK G3 magazines, and I think sometimes they test the mags as far as fitting into the firearm to make sure they lock into a firearm, and the mags show wear marks on them. I have seen that dozens if not hundreds of times. I have seen new looking mags in a plastic bag, with marks on them from what looks to me, to being inserted and removed from a firearm.

These are very rare and collectible!   

**** I have no way to know for sure if they are aluminum or steel, and I do not gurantee condition of magazines inside. They could be rusted solid, I dont know!!!**** Sold as is. I do not guranty my description, I cant see through a box, sorry.

These military surplus (HK G3, HK91, PTR 91, CETME .308 Winchester) magazines are in sound operating condition and priced economically, making them perfect for hard use in competition, at the range, or in the field. Manufactured to their country of origin military specifications, these magazines were designed for durability and years of reliable service in demanding environments.

Grade 1: All magazines are surplus magazines rated in excellent to un-issued condition. Light marks may be present from quality check lock-up tests, but the feed lip shows virtually no wear. Magazines will be free of rust and 100% functional. Original packaging may be included.

Grade 2: Magazines are in good to very good condition. Light signs of wear and small amounts of surface rust may be present. Magazine finish may be worn or discolored, but magazine still maintains 100% of original functionality.

Grade 3: Magazines are fully functional though they show signs of heavy use. Surface rust or dirt may be present on floor plates, followers or body. Springs may be worn or rusty and several areas will have finish imperfections or dents. Effort may be necessary to upgrade the magazines condition.

Note: Surplus Magazines are available in limited quantities and are subject to availability. These mags are grade 1 mags.


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