Gun Show Sales Kit

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Gun Show Sales Kit. If you want to sell some AK parts at gun shows. Here you go.You would be surprised how well AK parts and AR15 parts sell at gun shows.
The pictures are not pictures of everything you get, just an example of some of the parts.
This kit is a bunch of parts I am bundling together that should sell well at gun shows. If your into that sort of thing.
Below is a list of what this kit contains

30 Polish Bakelite grips. 10 of each shade.
100 New Romanian WASR semi auto triggers, 100 hammers,  100 disconnectors,  200 trigger pins, and 100 slave pins.
5 new in package cleaning kits.
100 new cut off AK muzzle nuts.
10 fixed stock AKM rivet sets.
10 Romanian wasr wood upper handguards. Unfinished verygood condition.
10 Yugo upper handguards. fair decent, shape, need to be refinished.
10 yugo wood lower handguards, verygood condition.
10 romanian wasr laminated lower handguards, verygood, has mounting hole.
5 ak dust covers
5 ak return spring assemblies, stamped model.
5 ak safety selector levers.
5 ar-15 oops kits.
2 ar-15 carry handles.
5 AK gas blocks
5 complete front sight assemblies.
5 complete Rear sight base assemblies.
5 romanian barrel trunnions
10 new ak butt plates with hole for cleaning kit
10 new ak trap door assemblies for the cleaning kits
10  ak slant muzzle brakes
10 rear ak fixed stock tangs
200 yugo trigger pins
If you can't atleast double your money at gun shows, selling these parts, sales ain't your thing.  lol
I'm not saying you will sell out at your first gun show, but you will do much better with selling parts, than trying to trade off a used scope or used rifle. lol
You can take profits and upgrade some of your firearms, and help out some fellow gun owners who can't find parts to maintain their rifles. Probably make some friends too.

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