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If you buy something from this website, that means you accept all the risks and responsibilities involved. I dont offer any guarantees. I try and describe everything I sell the best I can. GODSPEED
Updated 8/21/2020
New Policy
Lee's Mags no longer sells firearms online, except to licensed FFL dealers.
My main focus is selling gun parts right now.

If you are a FFL, you must upload a file copy of your FFL if you are buying a firearm. If you can't do that, you must email me before you place order, with a readable full size FFL file copy. If it's shrunk down and I cant read it when I print it, I will 86 your order. I don't have time to try and figure out how the hell to enlarge it so I can read it! IF no FFL file copy is provided at time order with firearm is purchase, I will cancel the order.

If your FFL file copy prints out in less than full size print that I can read, I will cancel your order. Please make sure that when the file copy you send is printed it prints full sized.
Lee's mags uses the Tax Cloud. Online sales taxes are calculated automatically and cannot be refunded.

If you are a gun dealer with an FFL, and you have a sales tax license and don't want to pay sales taxes, you have to have your account set up that way. I can't refund sales taxes!
If you want your account set up to not charge sales taxes, please email me at [email protected]