Purchasing Firearms instructions. PLEASE READ  THOROUGHLY BEFORE YOU BUY

1. Make sure its legal before you buy it.

2. You MUST upload A FILE COPY OF YOUR FFL DELAERS LICENSE, BEFORE YOU  CAN PLACE THE ORDER FOR A FIREARM, ON EVERY ORDER. I cannot ship a firearm, until I receive a readable copy of your ffl dealers license to ship the firearm too. If you do not upload a file copy of your dealers ffl, or email it to me at info@leesmags.com, your order will be cancelled. If you can't upload a file copy of your dealers ffl, then you must have them email it to me. IIf you can't upload a file copy of your dealers ffl, please email it to me at info@leesmags.com

info@leesmags.com Make sure you have a licensed ffl dealer to ship the firearm too, prior to making purchase ,that is willing to do the firearm transfer for you.. Make sure he/she is aware of this purchase & willing to do transfer for you. Be aware most FFL dealers charge a fee for firearms transfers and you arte responsible for paying your ffl dealer those fees and any applicable taxes. Please use your ffl dealers address for the shipping address and include your ffl dealers phone number and email address. 

3. Put the item you want to purchase in your cart, and buy it. Use your ffl dealers shipping address as the shipping address on your order. Make sure you put your ffl dealers address in for the Shipping address, so I know what ffl Dealer its shipping to.

4. Once I receive payment and your ffl dealers information,, I will ship the firearm to your ffl dealer, who will be responsible for making a legal firearms transfer to you.
5. I will ship your firearms insured,and it will ship either UPS ground, or USPS priority mail, at my discretion.
6. IF your firearms FBI/NICS Background check is denied, and the firearm returned to me, your card will be charged for the return shipping, plus 30% restocking fee! When you place an order, means you agree to these terms. IF not, Don't place the order.

7. If you purchase a firearm that comes with a high capacity magazine, and if that high capacity magazine is banned where the firearm is being shipped to, the magazine(s), will NOT be included. Same price, just ships without magazines if they are banned at location where firearm is being shipped too.

8. Please note:  It is your responsibility to thoroughly inspect your purchase prior to taking delivery from your dealer.  If there is any damage or defect not specified in the item description please contact me immediately and DO NOT take possession of the firearm.  I will not reimburse any dealer, shipping, transfer fees, parts or repairs for damage or defects found after you have taken possession of the firearm.  

9. It is your responsibility to provide me a file copy of your ffl dealers ffl license, their phone number and email address. You need to upload that information before you add item to your cart. If you don't, then please email it to me at info@leesmags.com right away, or your order will be cancelled.

The best way to contact Lee's Mags is via email. info@leesmags.com or leej0002@goldenwest.net
10. Shipping fees for firearms will be calculated during checkout!. No firearms shipment to HI,  & AK. *** Lee's Mags, now ships Firearms To CA!

11. Lee's Mags reserves the right to cancel any order  including firearms orders for any reason. If that happens, your credit card will be promptly refunded.

12. If you purchase a firearm,and your NICS check is denied, the firearm is to be sent back to me by your ffl dealer, and you will be charged for shipping and you will be charged 30% cancellation fee, plus total shipping cost both ways. The remaining money will be refunded to your card. I am not going to wait 6 months, while you file an appeal. If you have a reason to believe you will be denied on a transfer, you need to resolve that issue first, if possible, before making any firearm purchase online from my website.. I just received an email from a dealer, whereas a customer was denied a nics check 6 months ago, and the dealer never notified me the nics check was denied, the customer never told me the nics check was denied and the gun just sat at his shop for 6 months, without my knowledge or consent.