Dark Colored Bakelite Polish AK pistol grip verygood condition

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This item consists of one Polish Bakelite AK pistol grip in overall verygood condition.
Here is how I grade these. These come to me in boxes of 100, and I come across a few boxes with a bunch of dark colored grips that the grid pattern in the grips are in verygood shape, not a lot of scratches and diamond pattern worn down. they also still have the border around the diamond pattern in pretty good shape. they aren't perfect,a nd they could sure use a good cleaning, maybe  a bit of restoration. These do have some scuff marks, nics and scratches. they are not New, not like New, and I'm not grading them excellent, even though some may be.

I took a bunch of pics, of a bunch. Some with flash, some without flash, of same grips, showing how the light reflects off the grips, making appearance look different. Less light they look darker. More light, red seems to pop out. there will be wear on the bottom of the grips, which there almost always is. I am focusing on the grid pattern and the border, on these.
I'm offering hand picked, best out of 5 where as I grab 5 and pick the one with the best grid pattern/ least amount of scuff marks, and  best border/ least amount of rub/scuffing, on border, ad smushing on diamond pattern. With lots of use the grid pattern tends to wear down, round of until its smooth. These are still in the verygood territory.
Some are a bit darker brown,and some a bit more on dark red side.
sold as is condition

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