COMPLETE Romanian Underfolder stock kit, AKM/AK47 includes rear trunnion ** WITH pins & sling

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Polish Underfolder AK stock kit, including rear trunnion ** With pins**
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This item consists of one used Romanian under folder stock Kit, and includes the rear trunnion in overall good  condition.. The rivets are still in the rear trunnion, so they have to be removed.
This kit also includes 3- assembly pins.

The kit contains the following used parts in overall good condition.
1.  Qty 1. folding stock which includes the 2 arms an the rear butt plate assembled as pictured. Will have lots of finish Wear
2.  Qty 1 Polish under folder rear trunnion.
 3. Qty 1 underfolder stock spring
 4. Qty 3 Assembly Pins
5 Qty 1 under folder stock push button
6 Qty 1  underfolder stock collar
 7 Qty 1 underfolder stock locking lug
 8 Qty 1 underfolder stock center support
 9 Qty 1 underfolder external locking lug
 10 Qty 1 underfolder sling swivel
11  one beat up used sling.

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