Beautiful Polish Bakelite Ak Grip Dark red with lighter colored speckles

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This item consists of one surplus used Bakelite AK pistol grip in very-good overall condition.
Dark red Bakelite with lighter colored speckles/flakes/ marbling, whatever you want to call it, very unique pattern. I only have a few of these. These are mostly covered in oil, and drops of the oil are still visible on some of these.
Sold as is. These are  in the top 1% of the nicest surplus bakelite grips I have. I don't know what these would bring at a gun show, but I guess between $30-$50
FYI, The pictures make them look like they plastic has texture, but they are smooth. It's just the flash reflecting off oil and dirt. I didn't even want to wipe these down. I just left them alone.

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