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Ak-74 Sling swivel screw for wood stock
Ak-74 Sling swivel screw for wood stock

Ak-74 Sling swivel screw for wood stock

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Ak-74 Sling swivel screw for wood stock
Part Number: 4433
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Item consists of one screw.
This is a new slotted screw End to end its a  about 5/8" long. Basically its a 1/2" screw.
This screw came from a new stock set made in Taiwan. This is not an original screw from an AK74, but its as close as I can get to looking original as I can get.
Please note not all AK-74's have the exact same screw, so look at the picture,and compare the screw, and see if it matches what you need. Some AK 74 sling swivel screws may be longer.
Sold as is. The screw is slotted and that is what I think is the important part. A phillips head would stick out like a sore thumb, and look out of place.
When replacing screws on AK furniture, always take the time to do it right, and that may require fitting, and some basic wood working, like Filling in hole a little bit if it to large. The important part is to make sure its secure.  If a base plate is too large  wood n stock will need to be removed so it fits. Please make sure holes line up to pilot holes. IF they don't, fill them in, let it dry so you have a strong foundation, then line base plate up mark pilot holes drill pilot holes carefully. Be careful not to crack stock when tightening down.

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