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Lee's Mags LLC is your online source for Quality AKM, AK-47, & AR-15 parts. All items are in stock & ready to ship unless stated otherwise.

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Lee's Mags is Located  at 418 South C. Ave, New Underwood, SD. The best way to contact Lee's Mags is email. [email protected] or [email protected]

You must be 21 years old or older to make any purchase from Lee's Mags! That's my policy! Thank You! ABSOLUTLEY NO SALES OUTSIDE OF THE USA!!

My focus at Lee's Mags are simple transactions, with fast shipping & fair prices! Please make sure you know your local gun laws before you buy anything from my website! If you aren't 100% sure what you are buying is legal, Don't buy it! Ask me first!
Please note that website prices & products may be different from physical store  pricing and products.

Leesmags.com is strictly an E-commerce website. I do not take phone orders. The best way to contact me is [email protected]

Lee's Mags is a One Horse Rodeo. I work alone. I keep prices down by working alone and having all orders go through my website. That way, I don't have to hire people to take orders over the phone.

Lee's Mags is a Federally Licensed firearms Licensee. I operate a home based business supplying Firearms, ammunition, and gun parts legally, to thousands of law abiding citizens throughout the U.S.A.

If you intend to purchase a firearm from my website, you must provide me a file copy of your FFL dealer you want the firearm shipped too. All firearms do/must ship legally to licensed ffl dealers. No exceptions!

I do have a physical gun shop located in NewUnderwood, SD, and  it operates on an appointment only basis. IF you wish to schedule an appointment, please email me at [email protected]

I do not ship outside the USA.   I do not export products outside the USA.

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