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Lee's Mags LLC is your online source for Quality AKM, AK-47, & AR-15 parts. All items are in stock & ready to ship unless stated otherwise.

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Lee's Mag ships long-guns and large orders UPS ground, and everything else ships USPS priority flat rate. I don't shipping options.

I use US Priority flat rate mail because its 2-3 days delivery from time it shipped, its insured for $50, and I can track it  and prove it delivered, etc, etc. I don't ship parcel post.

Lee's Mags is Located  at 418 South C. Ave, New Underwood, SD. The best way to contact Lee's Mags is email. [email protected] or [email protected]

You must be 21 years old or older to make any purchase from Lee's Mags! That's my policy! Thank You! ABSOLUTLEY NO SALES OUTSIDE OF THE USA!!

My focus at Lee's Mags are simple transactions, with fast shipping & fair prices! Please make sure you know your local gun laws before you buy anything from my website! If you aren't 100% sure what you are buying is legal, Don't buy it! Ask me first!
Please note that website prices & products may be different from physical store  pricing and products.

Leesmags.com is strictly an E-commerce website. I do not take phone orders. The best way to contact me is [email protected]

Lee's Mags is a One Horse Rodeo. I work alone. I keep prices down by working alone and having all orders go through my website. That way, I don't have to hire people to take orders over the phone.

Lee's Mags is a Federally Licensed firearms Licensee. I operate a home based business supplying Firearms, ammunition, and gun parts legally, to thousands of law abiding citizens throughout the U.S.A.

If you intend to purchase a firearm from my website, you must provide me a file copy of your FFL dealer you want the firearm shipped too. All firearms do/must ship legally to licensed ffl dealers. No exceptions!

I do have a physical gun shop located in NewUnderwood, SD, and  it operates on an appointment only basis. IF you wish to schedule an appointment, please email me at [email protected]

I do not ship outside the USA.   I do not export products outside the USA.

FYI: AK47 and variants. There are hundreds of AK variants. There are new variations to those variants being made every day. Some domestically, and some overseas! Not all AK parts are interchangeable. There are no set standards for the AK-47 or its variants. Many parts need fitting by qualified individual or won't fit at all.

Selling surplus used parts is not an exact science.  There is a certain amount of risk buying used surplus firearm parts. Everything I sell is in as is condition, all sales are final, no refunds or returns. I have that policy for good reasons. It's impossible to identify every part as to origin and make and model it came from, when they are all mixed together. Its not possible to see every crack, missing or broken part, spec of rust, dent, ding, nic or scratch. No reputable online seller would ever deliberately hide condition, it would destroy the business. Shipping costs more than a lot of small firearm parts. IF  I accepted returns when someone ordered a 50 cent pin, and refund item, that costs a  lot of money,and doing that simply drives up prices.

My website accepts orders and I don't have to pay someone to do it. If I did, a 75 cent part would cost a more like $5 or more.  Some People complain because I don't take phone orders. My business is strictly Ecommerce, except for what I sell out of my shop.  Paying someone to answer phone, take orders, & listen to voice mails costs a lot of money.

There are people that buy used surplus parts online that  make purchases based only on pictures,they don't read item descriptions. IF there is a problem, they use social media to criticize the seller. Those are the types of cutomers I do NOT want!

It's important to make sure you read item descriptions thoroughly and look at pictures. IF you see any errors or conflicting information, please email me at [email protected] so I can correct it.

Most imported surplus AK parts kits are sold to manufactures. That leaves very few surplus parts for the surplus market. Manufactures use only a few of those parts,and the rest are left over. Some get thrown away, Some may get sold on surplus market, some may be put off to the side. There are lots of reasons why a manufacture may not want to sell those parts, such as,  people may buy the parts, rather than buy a complete rifle.

If you ever read some bad things on social media about any online business that sells surplus firearm parts, it would be fair to put some blame on that person for high prices and not being able to find replacement parts for your AK.

I am one of a few people who buys AK parts kits,and left overs from AK parts kits,and sells the parts individually online. Most online sellers that sell those same parts, imported the firearms, & demilled them. So they know where the entire firearm came from and can identify every part. I cannot do that. If I have bags of trigger pins, hammer springs,, front sight blocks, etc, etc. from  several different AK variants form several different countries, its impossible to identify where each part came from. I put everything I know about a product on the description. Some times that is a lot, and sometimes not.

There is a limited supply of 1960's, 1970's, Surplus AK parts kits, and  they are drying up. Newer models like 1980's,and 1990's are now hitting the surplus market,and manufactures are buying up those parts kits.

Most items I sell. I have no idea if I can ever buy that item ever again. when I find  used parts, I try and buy all available, get the best possible price, so my customers have products too choose from.

Times are changing. Firearms manufactures, don't all do things the same way. Some sell replacement parts for firearms they make, and some do not. The manufactures of AK style rifles that don't sell replacement parts to maintain their rifles is a problem. That forces people to the surplus used market. Not all AK parts are interchangeable. Especially Bolts and carriers. The geometry can be different. It's always best to try and replace with original parts by a qualified gunsmith.

Just because a part may be legal to purchase, doesn't  mean its legal to install it on your firearm. Firearm laws are many, and complex. IF you buy any firearm part, you need to know the applicable laws prior to making the purchase.

Lee's Mags does not give any gunsmithing advise, or any advise as to what part you need, for whatever it is you are trying to do, or if whatever you are trying to do is even legal.

I simply provide parts for people who know precisely what they need, all applicable laws, and intend to follow them all!

Lee's  Mags  refers all customer to the manufactures and/or importers of the firearm they have questions about.

Thank You for taking the time to visit my website.