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AR-15 Carry handle Rear Sight assembly MNT-950 MNT 950
AR-15 Carry handle Rear Sight assembly MNT-950 MNT 950

AR-15 Carry handle Rear Sight assembly MNT-950 MNT 950

Retail Price: $55.00
Retail Price:$95.00
You Save:$40.00(42%)
Part Number: 4528
Availability: In Stock.
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One New:AR-15 Carry Handle Rear Sight assembly.
This item is imported. These seem to be a pretty good carry handle assembly, and reasonably priced.
I think these carry handles are made by Leapers UTG and manufacture discontinued. part number is the same. MNT 950
Be aware most imported cheap firearm accessories don't have any warranties at all, and sold as is.
These have been pretty good. I  have had other imported carry handles that wouldnt tighten up worth a darn. These seem to tighten down very well.
These do not have any warranty. I obtained these through Century arms, and they couldnt tell me the manufacture. I recently concluded these are likely Leapers UTG, but I could  be wrong. They have the same part number.
Leapers UTG, from my experience has been decent to good quality. Much better than much of the cheap AR-15 accessories being imported.
I see a lot of Leapers UTG parts installed on US made AR-15's by reputable manufactures, so that would suggest atleast some of it is pretty good. lol But of course, I could be mistaken.

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