AKM AK47 AK74 High Gloss laminate Wood stock

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Beautiful AKM AK47 AK74 High Gloss  laminated Wood stock.

Comes as pictured. Comes with butt plate and sling swivel installed.
. Includes butt plate installed and sling swivel installed.
Imported from Taiwan.  New.
This is a great price, for a New laminated butt stock with the buttplate and sling swivel installed.
The butt plate is solid, it does not have the hole for a cleaning kit. I do have butt plates with holes for trap door assemblies and the trap door assemblies.
The stock behind the butt plate is solid, so if you want to install a cleaning kit, it would have to be drilled out properly.

These will fit any AK-47 or AK-74 AKM style, stamped AK.  (Will not fit Yugo)


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