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This page is for my customers. Lee's Mags is a self service type of business and I can't provide customers with information they need to install parts, what parts they need, etc.
So I created this page to link my customers that need some help, with either gunsmithing services or a little advice from someone who knows what they are doing.
this is an experiment. It takes a lot of tools and skills to build an AK. Its not like building an AR-15. Lee's Mags, scrounges parts, I Idon't know jack about building ak's
Below are some links of some of my customers. Some of my customers have some crazy good AK building  skills. A valuable resource of skills I do not have personally!
Oh, if you are my customer and your a dealer/ business, please make sure you are not being charged sales taxes If you are let me know so I can set it up to not charge taxes.

If you are an Ak manufacture that has left over ak parts you want to get rid of, from parts kits or whatever, please let me know, I buy in large lots.
I basically salvage left over used surplus parts, that some times end up in the trash.

Chuck Horrisberger
Fowler Precision Arms 
6 Old Flathead Creek Road
Wilsall, MT 59086
(406) 792-5851




Per your request, here are a few gunsmiths you might want to look into:
* Mike Owen of  Meridian Ordnance  
* Mark Graham of  Arizona Response Systems 
* Marc Krebs of  Krebs Custom 
* Vincent Buckles of   Mesa Kinetic Research 
* Steve Russell of Two Rivers Arms


NeverEnoughGuns   ( Site is NOT HACKED. Excellent service and the guns made are impeccable. ALL are Black Nitride finished to the smallest part if desires or returned complete  but unfinished. I am not the company owner but did have a Circle 11 gun done and it is fantastic. He even bore sighted the gun prior to delivery. Contact us at: [email protected] or call us at 931-220-1958. 


Mike Weatherford

Superior Pawn & Gun

4859 Virginia Beach Blvd.

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

1(757) 490-4760 (w)

I am an 07 FFL 02 SOT in Missouri.  My primary business is building and repairing AK platform rifles.


Branden Stombaugh
07 FFL 02 SOT
845 807 3241

He does business as "Citizens Armory"  his address is:

1112 Market Place
Mexico, Mo. 65265
AK Gunsmithing Services contact info

111 Linn St
Atlantic IA 50022

712 254 0761
Hours 9AM- 6:30PM Mon - FRI

All AK related repair and build services are available. 
Complete builds starting at $150.00
Bluing $100
Phosphating $80
Paint over phosphate $120
Barrel threading $50
Prototyping & production of firearms parts.
In Range, Inc.
 Troy Sellars
1048 Eagle View Drive
Kodak, TN 37764
E-mail: [email protected]


Contact these guys. They are located in Las Vegas and are absolutely fantastic.
Corey Weathermon
Northwest Gun Supply
Office: 208-505-0130


here is a tip a customer sent me.

getting a perpendicular trunnion hole through front trunnion and barrel after the head space is set and only using a normal drill press.
Here it goes:
Affix an aluminum block to your drill press table and drill a 1/4 inch hole into it. After that leave the fastened aluminum block where it is and press a short 1/4 inch pin into the hole.
Take your trunnion assembly and lay it with the pre-drilled cavity hthat is on one side onto the pin that now sticks up. This serves to keep the assemby at the right location when you drill from the other side.
Drill from the other side through it all with. A 1/4 inch drill.
The pin on the bottom keeps it from wandering off.
At the end you can hand ream to the final size.
No reamer or milling machine required. Worked like a charm.