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AK Trigger bushing
AK Trigger bushing

AK Trigger bushing

Retail Price: $5.00
Part Number: 5181
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This item consists of one bushing.
I don't know the story on these. They came mixed in with new Romanian WASR semi auto triggers taken from single stack rifles. The parts were set to the side and the guns were convert into double stack rifles 922r compliant.
I salvage parts, and when I order parts 1/2 its a mix of stuff. Do I cry like a baby, well sometimes, but if I do, guess what, they don't sell me parts in bulk cheap anymore, so I learned to shut my yapper.
I assume these bushings were used in those rifles, but thats just a guess. they seem to be stuck in some of the triggers and fall out.
I get the triggers in bags of 100 and some bags dont have any of these little spacers/bushings, and some bags may have a dozen.
**** Oh I just noticed, I see 3 types of these. the diamter is same on them all, but width is different on some. It's random, I cant guaranty which one u will get. sorry. IF I had  bunch of them I would sort them, and number them 1,2,3, etc. but I dont have many

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