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4 pack Yugo M70AB2 7.62x39mm Barrel. Passed bullet test.

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This item consists of 4 used Barrels.

I personally do a bullet test on each barrel.  I have learned to push down really hard. Its not an exact science. My supplier bullet tested them all too, yet some failed when I did same test. I sorted them out and sell them cheaper. If a barrel fails bullet test I advertise/describe it that way.
I do a bullet test on each barrel and press down hard. The first few I did,  atleast one failed when a  customer did it, so I make sure I press down hard.
Product reviews on used items are worthless, because each item/ barrel  is different, and has its own history.  The next one may be better or worse.
These barrels will have marring/gouges from when the barrel was pulled. If you get hand select, those are hand sorted and dont have pull marks, or very little pull marks. These will be dirty and greasy.

Yugo M70AB2 7.62x39mm Barrel - Used

  • 7.62x39mm
  • Yugo take-off barrels from parts kits
  • These are original Yugoslavian-made barrels
  • Not 922(r) compliant

. All barrels passed the bullet test that I did, for me. I don't guaranty it will pass when you do it. I don't guaranty condition of barrel. Sold as is no refunds returns or exchanges.

These are used barrels and will likely be dirty and greasy inside and outside the bore. I do not clean them. So they will need a thorough cleaning before use. Expect a lot of finish wear, and I do not guaranty condition of rifling  inside the bore. They did pass a bullet test, Plus I do a quick bullet test on each barrel. However that doesn't guaranty condition of bore.

A Bullet test is a quick way to determine if there is decent rifling left in your Barrel. Take a bullet, and insert projectile end into the muzzle of your rifle. If the bullet can go no further and some of the bullet is still visible, the rifling is still strong.

Sold as is, no refunds or returns.

Most of the barrels have scuff marks by barrel pin, likely caused when pressed in or out.

I have yugo complete stamped and milled bolts. I bought these barrels, specifically for those bolts. I also have yugo handguard sets and grips.
Part #'s 3954, 3956, and 4890-2

**** FYI, Some people knock Yugoslavian barrels based on  BS or  a particular situation where some barrels were shot out, due to being shot out, which happens to every barrel, if its shot out. Yugo AK barrels are verygood barrels, don't believe the BS. IF they are so bad, then why the heck is the rifling so good on them when they are 30-50 year old surplus, demilled(?)  Unless your shooting Full auto, drum after drum after drum, if you get a good yugo barrel with god rifling, it will likely out last you! Only about 2 out of 100 used surplus Yugo AK barrels dont pass the Barrel test.  Most of them have a lot of rifling left, and are good barrels for a good price.****

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