3 Polish AKM Bakelite Pistol grips Variety pack. One each of 3 colors

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This item consists of 3 used Polish AK Pistol grips in overall good to verygood used condition.
You will receive one of each color type I have for a total of 3 pistol grips.

The coloring and shades of bakelite vary,and I don't think any two are the same except if they are a solid color.
I have noticed 3 different color patterns in Polish bakelite AK pistol grips and I sort them that way.
I call them 1 Orangish red, 2. Brownish red.(Most of the brownish red ones are more brown than red, but the one in this picture, shows more of the red with the flash of the camera.) 3. dark brownish red.( The darkest of the 3 shade types I have)
The shade of color varies and the bakelite pattern varies grip to grip, none seem to be identical.
I picked one of each color/shade types  and bundled them into this package.
I offer hand picked for an additional $5 I grab 5  of each color,and pick what I think is the best out of 5 of each color.
The ones you receive may  look a bit nicer or not quite as nice as the ones in the picture. I just grabbed one out of each of the 3 boxes, without looking, to give a fair example of what to expect.
These are all graded the same. good to verygood condition.

Expect finish wear, nics and scratches. Hand picking option  doesn't get you a better graded grip, but I do pick the one I think looks the best out of 5. The overall condition of these is good to verygood.

 I have received a lot of feedback from customers on these grips. I think giving a hand picked option for one of each color/shade pattern gives a pretty good example, for an AK collector to add to his/her collection.

Sold as is.
FYI. type one, the Orangish red, seem to have nicer color patterns,and are the most popular. Type 3, the darkest ones are the next most popular, and the brownish red, sell fine, just aren't the biggest sellers.(they sell the slowest)
Personally I like the orangish red ones the best, and the brownish red are my next choice.
Some people match grips to their rifle,and some want a contrast. So if they have light colored furniture they go with a dark grip, or mathc it as close as they can depending on what they like. Everyone has there own preferences.
Bakelite grips are getting hard to find,and I don't think they are allowed to be made anymore, due to the process they were made.   Bakelite AK grips are becoming collectors items.

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