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20 RDS 7.62X54R Ammunition
20 RDS 7.62X54R Ammunition

20 RDS 7.62X54R Ammunition

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20 rounds 7.62X54R ammunition. 
Pick the type you want
Its packaged 20 rounds per package. The type of packaging varies. Some is in boxes of 20, and some is 20 wrapped in brown paper.
I have several options of 7.62X54r Ammunition.
 I  put all the product information I know in product descriptions to save time, emails and make this a self service only website.
If I don't mention the specific grain, I don't know for sure. I can't possibly know everything about every product. Sorry.
.Surplus 7.62X54R
. Silver tip. Origin not specified. Steel Core
. Silver Tip Czech. Steel Core
 PPU. boxer primed brass cases reloadable. 150gr soft point.
 red Army standard. lead core, non corrosive, steel cased 148gr fmj. made in Romania
Yellow tip heavy ball
Almost all of it is steel case or whatever surplus ammo and imported is made of.
Its all corrosive unless otherwise specified none of it is reloadable except the PPU is boxer primed and brass cases.
Sold as is, no guaranty. Much of it is old surplus decades old.
I describe this ammunition the best I can. I do not guarantee these descriptions are 100% accurate, so if that is a problem for you, don't buy it!
When I say steel case, well I don't really know anything about how cases are made and the specific definition of steel, but when I say steel case, I pretty much mean whatever was used, but not brass cased basically. I have no idea all the different materials other countries use in making cartridge cases out of.

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