100 Pack Polish Bakelite AK Pistol Grips Red

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100 Pack Polish Bakelite AK Pistol Grips Red
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100 Pack, contains 100 surplus used Polish Bakelite Ad pistol Grips.
Good overall condition, they are not new. expect some wear, nics and scratches, grease.
With a good cleaning these should look pretty good.
Simple green and 0000 steel wool works well for cleaning bakelite.
. Sold as is.   These are redish/orangish in color, lighter than the darker redish brown ones.  These tend to look better than the darak ones and ususally bring much more money, that is why these cost more than the darker colored ones.
the picture is an example of what to expect.
Bakelite AK pistol grip identification.  Poish the diamonnd patterns are outies, face out and grips are wider and fatter than Romanians which pattern is facing inside and narrower
I'm not 100% certain but romanina bakelite pattern the diamonds are innies facing in, narrower,and polish grips fatter and diamond pattern facing out.

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